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Healthy Snacks : Superfood Ingredients : Gluten-Free : Vegan : Blood Sugar Friendly : Functional : Socially Conscious

As Hong Kong’s first advocate of functional and taste appealing “Superfoods” and pioneer in the health sector, we supply carefully selected health food products ready for retail, as well as bulk ingredients for the food and beverage sector.

Our award-winning team have been educating the health conscious public about healthy living and inspiring them with solutions since 2008. We understand consumers’ demand for “free-from” health foods has grown tremendously from only those who have dietary restrictions but to all those who are wellness and beauty conscious.

With our expertise in raw food, superfood, aromatherapy, TCM food healing and health promotion, we would like to shorten your learning curve and assist you in sourcing quality and authentic products and helping you to apply them and add value to your customers.

Our product ranges from health food to essential oils and equipment.

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