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Personalised Urban Detox


Since 2008, we have been guiding Hong Kong health seekers to upgrade their diet with enjoyable and nutritious superfoods and supplements to DETOX without starvation and producing sustainable results.

Since 2017, our well regarded Superfood Detox programme just got even better – through Bio Resonance food checking and health assessment, we tailor our Detox programme to an individual’s specific needs.

<You do not need to wait for a group orientation anymore as we now have a recorded class that you can watch anytime. It means you can start your programme anytime after watching the video and meeting your detox consultant for your orientation.>

LOOK & FEEL your BEST in 9 days…

Good Skin Tone & Clear Bright Eyes
Mental clarity & Positive Outlook
High Energy & Vitality
Fortified Immunity
Efficient Digestion and Absorption
Freedom from Allergies, Aches and Pains
Sustainable Fat loss and Lean Muscle Gain
No more Addictions & Food Cravings
Conscious Food Choices


And all of this WITHOUT sacrificing your enjoyment of life – no high sugar juice diets!  

Click here >>> to read about Our Approach to “Detox” (and why our starvation-free approach actually works better)

Typical Program Inclusions

    • 15 days’ worth of authentic superfoods, supplements and healthy snacks required in your programme
    • Detailed 60-page proprietary detox manual (and future updates)
    • Debrief session after your programme (with Bio Resonance to assess results from the programme)
    • on-going phone and email support for future repeat detoxes (LIFE TIME RE-DETOX SUPPORT)
    • discount for detox supporting services, e.g. up to 20% off for colonic and far infra red sauna sessions)
    • Detox VIP membership (for purchase discounts, special events, etc)

What will you be eating during the programme?

In a typical 9-day period, the products provided will replace approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of your regular meal.  The rest of the time you can eat regular meal.

For best results, we highly recommend you to take a break from certain foods and beverages including soft drinks and sources of refined sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, and processed foods.  You are recommended to come to this Breakfast (and Fermentation) class anytime for learning about while tasting superfoods and delicious options to replace dairy, coffee, sugar and bakery goods etc.

For “regular meal”, some choose to prepare themselves, some eat out and just make healthier choices (which we will learn in your programme).

A blender will let you make a fresh and delicious meal replacement (not a juice) in only a couple of minutes, although a shaker can work too.  <We offer some options of blender too.>

Fresh vegetable juices can be included if desired – which you can prepare yourself or purchase from where it’s convenient for you.

Snacking in between meals can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels especially to the fast metabolisers or those who exercise. Snacks from our shop are detox-friendly and may be included.

Note: If you smoke, drink alcohol or have cravings that are not supportive of health, how to manage your real needs can be explored with a private integrative healing session with our founder Anita Cheung, specialised in emotional healing and psychological and spiritual coaching.

What you need to provide on your own

-clean water (very important to have high quality water for detox and for on-going health, you can ask us about system we use)

-fresh fruits and vegetables preferably organic

- your “regular meals”

Holistic experience…

We have seen how a holistic detox can result in a total lifestyle makeover or even a life changing experience that benefits not just the physical but also emotional and mental levels, and even spiritual level.

We provide “emotional detox and healing”, multiple Bio Resonance related services to assist you to have a truly HOLISTIC DETOX experience.)

How do I maintain results?

Many clients choose to repeat their programme once a year (or more often) and adapted to their needs at the time.  For most people, doing the programme twice a year with Bioresonance health assessment in between would be a great way to maintain results.
Since most of the products included are safe to use on-goingly, many clients have naturally integrated elements from the programme into their daily routine. When they repeat their programme, they can deepen by adding new elements to it, for example, doing home enema, adding Bioresonance frequency detox, doing emotional detox, etc.

What do clients say?

“I have been detoxing with Anita and her crew since 2009. Usually once a year.  For someone like myself, who doesn’t watch his diet or control his alcohol intake throughout the rest of the year, I have found to be it the ‘clean out’ that my system needs.  To be honest, it’s not much of harsh regime anyway as the smoothies are so good and one is still permitted plenty of real food.  The only difficult thing for me is going without my cuppa for 9 days. I’ve certainly felt ‘re-booted’ and all round healthier afterwards, each and every time. Anita, Carmen and Dr. Catherine are always on hand to swiftly address any questions you may have before, during or after the detox.

I recently tried Bio-resonance (now part of the detox programme).  The initial tests flagged up several imbalances that I either knew or intuitively felt I had.  While still early days, the subsequent sessions that I’ve undertaken really do seem to be making a difference.  Thus far, I’m very glad that I took the plunge.

Over the years, i-Detox have helped me to improve my well-being and make, some at least, healthier life choices to offset some of my poorer refuelling habits. They’re also a really happy and friendly group of people, which makes the whole experience a fun and happy one.  A massive thumbs up from a very happy and satisfied chap!” – Neil Burnett
“After 30 years of age as the saying goes your body really doesn’t respond the way you would like it to.  Work and stress really caught up to me and totally transformed my body for the worse. Feeling overweight, tired and after trying many FAD diets and nutrition plans, I was in despair. Fortunately I stumbled across i-Detox’s website one day when researching about HKG Nutrition, in particular their Urban-Detox program. A bit hesitant at first, I decided to go ahead and try it out. Dr.Catherine is a Godsend, she was very patient and articulate and really spends time with her clients. She is thorough and she explains in details what you should and should not eat.  Being that everyone’s body is different, their bio resonance therapy was incredible to say the least, as well as their detox programme.  I now feel more younger than I ever did, lighter than I ever could and more energetic; everything that I could really ask for. Still going strong after a month I still take my one a day shake and keep fit by consistent exercising.  If it was not for i-Detox, I would not know how to start ~ the detox program gave me the boost I needed, and the bioresonance therapy has taught me what I should and should not eat.  After looking at my results many friends and family have also decided to go see Dr.Catherine and all of them are very happy with what they have learnt.  Thank you Dr.Catherine and i-Detox for helping me get closer to achieving my health Goals.  For anyone who is hesitant, all I can say is take the plunge and try it out, you will not regret it.” – Mohit Melwani

“I have been a client of i-Detox since the beginning. They have consistently supported me in my wellness, health and spiritual journey. I have used their services for some very specific areas : detox, Spiritual alignment, nutritional support during marathon training.

I consider ANITA and i-Detox as one of the foundations of my physical and spiritual wellness. I always recommend their products and services, I will continue to do so.
Thank you for everything you provide.” - Kate Padget-Koh

“The personalised detox programme, Bioresonance with Anita, use of (Young Living) essential oils and Anita’s emotional and spiritual healing have turned my health around in three weeks. I am so glad I discussed with my doctor about postponing the medical procedure that he thought I needed urgently. He was surprised and impressed.” – Kenny Lo

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How to get started and How Much

Find out with NO obligation: contact us to talk to our Detox consultant.
If you are still not sure, you can watch a recorded class by our founder with HK $100 that you can convert into the programme cost when you decide to commit.


1. Watching the recorded class provides important information on authentic superfoods and self care. We highly recommend it before you come for your consultation.

2. Come to our seasonal Detox Q & A session to learn more >>>

3. The Easy and Nutritious Breakfast class is the perfect compliment to our detox programme.

Programme types & costs:

All program prices listed below are based on the standard 9 to 15-day program kit.  Customisation can be made on top of the standard inclusions.

You enjoy a much more favourable rate (HK$2500 is the current re-detox price) to repeat the standard program in future (this price does not include consultation).

Option A (Recommended):
Before programme:
Bio Resonance assisted Consultation 1.5h – health assessment and common food tolerance checking to customise your programme
Demo and tasting at our kitchen to discuss how to actually do your detox programme at home – 30min
After programme:
Bio Resonance assisted Follow Up Consultation 1h  – reassessment, Q & A
Option B
With optional 20 mins Bio Resonance food checking to ensure compatibility of programme inclusions, no comprehensive health assessment 

Inclusions of each option:

  • Both Options include product ingredients checking with Bio Resonance to ensure all included products are compatible with the client. (For example, some people do better with flax and others better with chia; some are strengthened by coconut oil while others are weakened by it…)
  • Option A includes before and after Bio Resonance Health Assessments. The initial 1.5h session can include a checking of up to 68 common foods, identify specific imbalances on the physical and emotional levels, assess stress from heavy metals and other sources, energy states of key detoxification organs to ensure safe and effective detoxification.
    (Total package cost is lower than booking them and buying products separately.)
    In your initial detox session we also include a 30-minute demo and tasting by our kitchen and we will discuss how you will actually do your detox program at home.
  • Options B does NOT include private consultation and the full Bio Resonance Health Assessments but these can be booked separately later. <This will work for those who want to decide later and this will not hold your plan up>
  • All program participants have access to recorded Superfood and Detox class by Anita our founder and original creator of our detox programme
  • Additional Bio Resonance health consultation, food checking and other holistic healing services can be booked separately
      <Program prices do not include additional therapies you choose to do e.g. colonics, far infra red saunas, therapeutic raindrop therapy etc>

Quality of Products Used

We are serious about our sourcing not only because we use our our products everyday ourselves, and we are Hong Kong’s first superfood advocate. We have changed our suppliers through the years because we are well aware that as “superfoods” become mainstream, some suppliers have been found to compromise on quality as their target customers have changed.

Now with Bio-resonance technology we are even better equipped in assessing quality of our products, from superfoods to clinical grade supplements, therapeutic essential oils, to continuously maintain and raise the standard of what we offer in our programmes. As we continuously improve our sourcing and how we do what we do, we are pleased to say that the value for money of our programmes is even higher today than before.

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