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I felt so much clarity at the end of our session. I now feel lighter, freer, and am finally able to ...


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“Call me a Detox skeptic.  I’ve done several, all with fleeting or short term results, often times followed by disastrous longer term consequences such as a slow down in my metabolism.  What brought me to i-Detox was Anita’s discussion (at the American Club) about adrenal fatigue and the resulting inability of our bodies to not only process food properly but also for us to sleep well at night.”

“In the short term, the detox was not only do-able as it does not involve starvation like many other detoxes but it allowed me to lose 6 kg right away.  In the medium term, I felt more energy without the lows/crashes I would experience from being caffeinated regularly.  In the longer term, I still have the energy and have kept the weight off but I now can sleep a straight 8-9 hours a night, a feat not experienced by me for months.  I am very grateful to Anita and her i-Detox team and I plan to repeat the detox at least twice a year.”

- Mina Martinez

I linked up with i-Detox aiming to detoxify in preparation for a surgery. Before starting the nutrition detox I arranged a session of emotional detox with Anita. I found Anita’s objective and insightful coaching very valuable. I’m sure that I would not have had the motivation or right mindset to start the nutritional detox, if I had not carried out the emotional detox first. The nutritional detox programme was very good, I feel physically stronger and much happier as a result.I’ve done different nutritional detoxification’s in the past and found i-Detox’s programme – combining emotional and physical detoxification was particularly effective for me.

Another huge benefit I have experienced of i-Detox is through the regular networking events. Anita introduced me to a physiotherapist who I am now working with. The results have been amazing, my self-image is transformed and it’s very likely that the surgery I was planning is no longer needed. I’m truly grateful to the i-Detox team for the support they provide.

- Ian Wells

“We thought we ate ‘well’. We didn’t deep fry, eat crisps, chocolate bars, sugary cereals, etc etc… This program made me realize that while we weren’t necessarily eating the wrong food, we weren’t necessarily eating enough of the right food… I cannot tell you what a difference this program has made to our family’s health. We are so happy with our improved superfood diet. The whole family is on your breakfast smoothies and we’re paying much more attention to our nutrition.

Both my husband and I have lost weight – maybe a few kilos.  That’s nice but it wasn’t our main goal.  The most amazing thing is - no one in the family has been sick since we started the detox almost more than 1 month ago. That is a record for us!! 

Plus, my eldest daughter now has regular bowel movements, her appetite and energy has improved and her rosy cheeks are back.

My skin has definitely improved too, particularly after the liver flush. It has cleared up a lot and I haven’t been breaking out during the typical times in my monthly cycle.

Now when our baby wakes up at 6-6.30am we don’t struggle to get up like we used to.  We haven’t had a coffee in a month and I notice that my post lunchtime lows have all but disappeared. Actually – I now realize that when I have a gluten rich meal, I will be sleepy so I avoid it as much as I can.”

“Our raw fruit and vegetable consumption has increased which I think is the main reason of our improved health and immunity. Of course the “downside” is that I’m now spending more in grocery bills, but at least, it’s not on doctors’ bills!

We are big fans and true believers of the superfood diet!”

- Cristina Tahoces

“I’ve tried other well-known detox programs before. But not only did I have to endure being hungry and not-so-delicious meal replacements, the results were short-lived and not sustainable.

The i-Detox program, however, was the first program that has worked for me long-term, because it provides the tools and education which continue to empower me to maintain the balance between my physical health, as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.

Anita and the entire team at i-Detox have been extremely helpful and patient with hand-holding me and I really feel that my wellbeing was well taken care of by their prompt and compassionate support.

After my first 9-day detox program, I lost 4% of my weight easily and the weight has kept off. 8 months after, I repeated my second detox with i-Detox without having to pay for my consultation (as part of the benefit of being their old customer) and extended my detox to two weeks.

This time my liver flush results were even better than the first time around. And my skin got even better this time.

The benefits I have experienced from i-Detox have consistently exceeded my expectation – I have paid for the price for a Honda and have got the value of a Porsche!!”

- Mavis Yao

“I have done other programs before but with this one I didn’t feel much side effects (healing reactions).  My energy was consistently high throughout… I have lost stubborn weight in all the places I wanted to…I experienced emotional healing and a new sense of mental clarity…This program has been a lifestyle change for me…It has exceeded my expectation…I can’t wait to do my next one.”

(Kate has repeated the program yearly since)

- Kate Padget

“The detox was interesting to me because I have high cholesterol and I wanted to reduce it naturally without medication. My cholesterol went from 5.4 to 4.5 with a 25% reduction in the bad cholesterol. I am very pleased with the detox and I was surprised how easy it was. I will repeat the detox annually.”

- Jeff Miller

“…I lost more than 7kg in less than 3 weeks and am fit for the season…I am extremely pleased with the outcome and am definitely more conscious of the lifestyle I lead and the food I eat, and I am motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Anita.”

- Rhys Buckler Rugby Player

“I used to fall sick easily with cold/flu or digestive issues and I would see the doctor at least once a month and get medication. It has been like that for many years.  My Chinese doctor had told me I shouldn’t eat “raw food” but now I am still taking the “raw food” smoothie every morning for maintenance but I am no longer feeling cold! My immunity and digestion have never been better.  I have not visited the doctor for a year now!”

- Joanne Lau

“…this program has really been a self re-discovery exercise…I am blown away by the power of a simple and regular diet and the power of understanding, sensing and feeling what my body really needs and wants.  Coffee, junk food and most magically cigerettes have no pull for me now! (I used to smoke a pack a day) My 15-year old smoking habit was gone “naturally” by day 3 – and I have no desire of going back!…”

- Lilian Leong (GM, Leo Burnett)

“I feel better physically, emotionally and energetically after this holistic program.  After checking my tongue and pulse my chinese doctor noted how my health and balance have improved (especially my liver) in a such a short time since my last visit…”

- Benoit Foucher

“I would highly recommend i-Detox’s Superfood Detox Program to anyone who wants to feel better and become more aware about what they are eating.

After 10 days on the plan, not being hungry, and eating real food, I am more energized, wake up fresher and more alert and have managed to drop a few pounds along the way.

I wanted this program as a jump start to a healthier lifestyle; better food, more water, more exercise and the program certainly helped.

I had some aches and pains that have subsided as a result and I am feeling lighter and clearer. I am also no longer craving unhealthy foods.

Anita and her staff are excellent at providing support and information throughout the plan. Thanks to all!”

- Susan Luckas

“WOW!  What a fantastic program which I never wanted to end!  Thank you Anita for giving me the opportunity to gain back my health, glow and energy levels.   I have no more sugar cravings or desire for alcohol.   It truly works and has provided me the strength to commit to a healthy lifestyle and balance as a career woman, mum and wife.”

- Julie Holmes

“I lost all my post-natal weight effortlessly in two weeks on i-Detox’s program with no deprivation.  Not only that I no longer want bread or coffee (I used to drink a few cups a day just to stay alert), I have more energy and more positive mood.  My young son has a much healthier diet than his peers and he naturally prefers superfoods to processed foods.  Thank you Anita and i-Detox for introducing me and my family to this way of life!”

- Margaret Yeung

“Thank you for introducing me to raw and superfoods! It has made a big difference to the health of my family…Who would have thought I could detox and enjoy chocolate too? …I don’t miss my coffee anymore! And I love your delicate rose tea now…

I have seen another professional before but the weight loss was not sustained.

Now I put oil in my smoothie like you said , and enjoyed nuts and even coconut oil (which is saturated fat) all the time and my weight loss is sustained.

…. my LDL cholesterol has dropped to a record low for me of 3.7 which I have not seen before. My HDL (good cholesterol) has also increased.

Thank you Anita and the i-Detox team!”

- Nora Rough

In the past I have shied away from detox programs because they are too drastic and harsh on your body. Anita piqued my interest with her detox program because you could continue eating during the program. The detox increased my energy, regulated my blood sugar, allowed my system to tolerate some wheat and gluten, eliminated 150 gall stones, eliminated my craving for black tea and reduced my cholesterol. I highly recommend this detox to anyone who cares about their body and wants to have a fresh start by cleaning out their system. I will repeat the detox annually.

- Dana Miller

“…Real men eat salads and do colonics!…”

- Mark Mullan

“Not just the products are great and well researched but also Anita’s passion and genuine care for her clients makes the biggest difference.”

- Jo Fok

“Thank you, Anita and team, for your detox program! It was easy to do and I am very happy with the long-lasting results.

Besides having a smaller waist line and more defined abs, I am now stronger, more flexible and have better balance. My trainer is very impressed.

My husband and I, along with our 3 children, now have the i-Detox smoothie every morning (kids have a slightly modified version). Our 5-year old son, who doesn’t like veggies and green stuff, even asks for the smoothie now!

I have introduced your program to everyone on my team. Our delight and increase in energy have brought us all closer.”

- Linda Chew, UBS

“My mind chatter stopped, possibly for the very first time in my life, during the session with you. And I was able to recreate that for myself yesterday, which I am really happy about. Interestingly, as I am able to maintain that space, a small wish I had, became a reality and within the same day. I got a message I needed to hear in the most mysterious way. While these may seem like “coincidences”, I know in my heart now how powerful I am in creating my own life, and I am increasingly feeling I am able to trust the ‘higher intelligence’ a lot more than before.”

- Steve

“I have been looking for a highly compatible romantic partner for many years, but had always somehow failed.  I’d become aware recently that there was a part of me that did not believe I could find this person and that I didn’t really deserve her anyway.  This had led me to stay in an unsatisfactory relationship for several years because I was so afraid of being alone.  In my first reprogramming coaching session with Anita, we worked on my beliefs about my own self-worth and she helped me to let go of the residual negative emotions from all of my past relationships.  Then we replaced my old limiting beliefs with new empowering ones. And then I didn’t think about it anymore.

About two weeks later, I reconnected with someone I have known for a long time but had never previously thought of as a romantic partner.  We immediately clicked and we are now dating.  Not bad for an hour of investment.”

- Stephen

“After our first session, the headhunter called and presented me the exact kind of job I wished to find and thought was difficult to find. After our second session, I got the job! Not only that, the package is even better than what I had hoped for! Anita, in case you are not convinced enough, whatever you did with me, works!”

- Janet

I felt so much clarity at the end of our session. I now feel lighter, freer, and am finally able to be my true self. My back has never felt so pain-free.

- P. H.

“My inner cynical voice has stopped and I have felt very motivated and confident since our session. I can’t help telling the whole world about my experience!”

- Bessie Ho

“The hour we spent was like very targeted meditation. I had a lot more clarity after our session. And as my conscious and subconscious have become more connected, I can truly let go of the constraint coming from the past that I wasn’t even aware of, and be more focused on living in the present. Personally and professionally, I feel I am able to create what I want with courage and trust.”

- M. Y.

I could “see” better now, both figuratively and literally after your coaching.

- G.

I feel good about myself, lighter and less troubled after our session. I definitely have clarity now and things are starting to move forward for me. Even my pending job offer got reactivated and I am starting work next month!

- D. B.

Thank you Anita and the i-Detox team for introducing me to a much improved (and yummier)

breakfast shake/meal. I had done many detoxes and for breakfast I often had a protein shake
(with an ok taste ). After my i-Detox 9-day cleanse I dropped one size around my waist (and
have kept it off) Now I really look forward to my liquid meal, I love the taste and texture.

I highly recommend this detox as part of a wholistic approach to natural health and healing.

- Dr Barry Decker (Founder of The Chiropractic Centre)

“I wish to thank Anita of i-Detox for her knowledgeable and easy-to-follow live food detoxification.

By the 4th day of the Superfood detox, I started to drop inches from my thighs, hips and waist.  I felt lighter, had more energy and most importantly, I became conscious about everything I drank and ate.  The recipes taste great, they are easy to follow and I never felt hungry or deprived.

My new hot drink is the dandelion raw cacao beverage as strange as that may sound. I’m completely off my black tea addiction and I don’t even miss it!

I’m down one and a half sizes in my clothes after 9 days and I’m inspired to continue my new eating plan with the shakes and recipes because I just feel energized and alive. My husband is even enjoying it.  I would recommend this live food detox to anyone who wants to make a shift in their weight and health.

Anita is a fantastic and compassionate teacher and I felt she really cared about my health.”

- Caroline Rhodes-Morison (Founder of The Body Group)

“..Anita is passionate and knowledgeable…I found her presentation very inspiring and it was a catalyst for helping me make some key changes to my diet. She understands how to make lifestyle changes acceptable and possible for a wide range of people…Anita is a very well grounded and confident person who presents with openness and conviction. 

- Angela Spaxman

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