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Therapeutic Bodywork with Raindrop™Oils

RDT_spa“Therapeutic Bodywork with RaindropOils” is a wellness treatment often recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other health practitioners for its therapeutic effect physically, emotionally and energetically.



The session


Each session starts with a therapeutic massage with carrier oil applied to the body. It prepares the body before potent essential oils are dropped onto the spine (also where the nervous system is housed).

Typically NINE pure essential oils from the Raindrop Technique™ developed by Gary Young from Young Living (world leader in therapeutic essential oils, established in early 1990′s) are used, with additional oils added to customize to individual needs.

Raindrop Therapy’s effect is not achieved by forceful manipulation but by the application of the potent therapeutic essential oils themselves.

To experience the essential oils themselves you can also welcome to join our DIY Raindrop Therapy for Self Care class.

The Therapist

Mona Choi is a certified Ancient Massage therapist and instructor. She is also a certified Pregnancy Massage, Baby Massage Therapist.


Mona is a very caring and sensitive therapist. Her touch is firm and yet gentle at the same time. The effect of the bodywork is deep and very relaxing.

Read more about Mona Choi here >>

How Much?

75-min: HK$1,000

<First trial price $750>

Maintenance Packages

75 min

4 sessions
Original Standard Price – HK$4,000 (HK$1,000/session)
Discounted Package Price (15% off) – HK$3,400 (HK$850/session)
*Valid for use within 3 months from date of purchase*

8 sessions
Original Standard Price – HK$8,000 (HK$1,000/session)
Discounted Package Price (20% off) – HK$6,400 (HK$800/session)
*Valid for use within 6 months from date of purchase*

16 sessions
Original Standard Price – HK$16,000 (HK$1,000/session)
Discounted Package Price (25% off) – HK$12,000 (HK$750/session)
*Valid for use within 12 months from date of purchase*

Note: Packages are offered PER PERSON.  For transfer of purchased package, a $200 admin fee applies.


Read more here >>> about Raindrop Technique (or applying Raindrop oils yourself as a self care practice)


The i-Detox shop offers the Raindrop Therapy kit for sale…we encourage you to empower yourself in learning to apply them for your long term benefits

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