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Bio-resonance Health Consultation

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From our experience and observation, disease does not manifest “suddenly” with no reason.

What is the “root” cause of for example someone’s cancer? Cancer causing genes? Heavy metal toxicity? Diet? Emotional trauma? Cell phone use without protection? All of the above can contribute depending on what levels you look at….

Biofield_Image_Human_Center_of_Torus-e1482118712813The “biofield” is the part of us that is more subtle that the ”physical” body. Imbalances in the “biofield” that go unaddressed eventually progress to the physical level where symptoms can be detected. Modern technology has shown the existence of this field (or layers of it). It’s like our “walking matrix” and a cloud system storing different levels of data including the blueprint for our optimal health.

Ancient people have long known about it and that’s also what energy healers tap into. As we practise chi-gong, receives acupuncture, etc one is balancing the Biofield. Modern technology such as German developed Bio-resonance has confirmed this ancient wisdom by observation of the progression of disease which follows a predictable path, and has also developed the way to generate the frequencies to restore balance at the Biofield level.

On the physical level, our consultation on your nutrition and on your lifestyle empowers you to take charge of your health at the most foundational level.

Why wait until your next medical check-up?

While our Integrative Health Consultation is not to replace medical health check which focuses on the physical level, what we offer here is non-invasive, affordable and can give valuable insights into possible stressors and your health and disease potentials. Bio-resonance researchers have long observed that progression of disease follows a predictable path, starting from imbalance often from the subtle levels.

These are factors that are found to register imbalances in the Biofield, from the lowest to the highest level:

- EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies typically found in digital devices, emitted from wifi, X-ray radiation etc)
- Unresolved emotions from how we inteprete past experiences
- Limiting beliefs formed in our life, especially in our childhood
- Generational trauma (epigenetics have shown that these can be passed down from our ancestors)
- Disconnection from life purpose and lack of spiritual meaning


With these “non-physical” imbalances already in the background, on the physical level, compromise of the musculoskeletal system, nutritional deficiencies, and many physical triggers serve as the “last straw” to manifestation of “dis-ease”/”disease”. Those physical triggers include: pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi (e.g. mold which is very common in many households), environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pesticides, chemicals from household and personal care products including fluoride in many oral care products….

Epigenetic researches have confirmed that genetic influences can only account for about 5% of the cause of diseases, as it is the environment of the genes that trigger disease genes to turn on. (In fact only less than 4% of human genes have been decoded. There’s still a lot that mainstream scientists do not know/want to accept, such as our own immense power to provide the ideal environment for our genes through a multi dimensional approach of self care)

Our signature Bio-resonance Health Consultation strives to educate and empower you with what you need to know (and experience) to restore balance from multiple levels.

How we do it?

In your first session, we do it -

  • RayoscanThrough Rayoscan – ECG scanning and heart reaction of the body to the evaluation of the organs and body functions with electrodes attached to the body (like a more thorough “pulse reading”)
  • Through practitioner’s manual assessment comparing the client’s resonance frequencies against a data base of over 1000 programmes covering physical triggers, physiological system function, psychological state, and disease potentials and so on
  • Through giving you a quick check of foods that may stress you
  • Through checking products you have brought (if any) to assess their compatibility with you
  • Through interpreting what we find from the assessment

What you can also expect from this session

  • Receive insights on nutritional deficiencies, stress from pathogens and heavy metals, EMF etc
  • Get ideas on designing your health regime: based on consultation with the therapist, if products you are using are not compatible with you, appropriate products from i-Detox will be suggested by assessing their potential effectiveness against wide range of areas of your concern that have come up from the assessment (e.g. sleep, metabolism, health of various physiological systems)

The initial consultation is designed to include both assessment and a short biofield balancing (or what we call “harmonisation” in Bio-resonance context) generated from your assessment results.

More in-depth investigation in subsequent sessions or Bio-resonance harmonisation (home device also available) can be arranged.


  • Someone who cannot physically come to see us can give us their saliva sample and we can start with 1.5 hour consultation.
  • For a more in depth assessment and for initial appointment, a 2-hour initial session is often what we recommend, covering wide spectrum of assessment and include approximately 20-mins of Bio-resonance balancing treatment time as well.
  • Food tolerance, nutrition and physical detoxification focused consultation can be included within an extended first consultation or can be booked separately as a standalone session.
  • An Multi-dimensional Healing session (with our founder Anita Cheung) utilising progressive healing modalities working on emotional, mental and spiritual levels can follow immediately or booked separately.
    A 30-minute first trial of this innovative new healing can be included in your initial Integrative Health Consultation session. Please specify when you book so that both Dr. Catherine and our founder Anita Cheung will be scheduled to see you. We recommend anyone who is interested in personal development, deeper level healing and those who have recurrent or stubborn health challenges to take a multi-dimensional approach to address deeper root causes with our founder Anita Cheung.

Read more about Bio-resonance, how we do it, and clients’ testimonials


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