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Senior Health Practitioner – Dr Catherine Cormack

Dr_Cat_headshot_roundBorn and raised in the United Kingdom, Dr. Catherine has lived in Hong Kong for over 5 years.

Whilst working in Hong Kong, Dr. Catherine developed adrenal fatigue.  Dr Catherine took a holistic approach to her recovery, encompassing a whole food diet, appropriate exercise, meditation, sleep and stress management.  As a result of the dramatic improvements she saw, Dr Catherine is extremely passionate about educating others about the impact a healthy lifestyle can have on overall health and wellbeing.

Dr Catherine studied Nutritional Therapy in the United Kingdom, where she gained her Nutritional Therapist Diploma from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. She also  carried out additional studies in the field of Functional Medicine. Here she developed her interest in gut health and its impact in chronic health conditions.

Dr. Catherine also studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  She gained further certification as a Rehab Trainer through the Australian Physiotherapy Association and worked in both of those fields as a successful personal trainer and nutritional advisor.

Dr Catherine is a Certified Bioresonance Practitioner According to Paul Schmidt and is using Bioresonance in her consultations which are focused on improving the health and wellbeing of her clients.  She is a strong believer in taking a cause-orientated approach; by addressing the root causes for health imbalances, the condition can be more effectively and permanently resolved.   She found Bioresonance was an important tool in identifying and addressing these causes.

Dr Catherine has strong interests in gut health, hormone balance, stress management and brain health.  She cares deeply about the impacts our modern lifestyle and poor diet is having on the younger generation.

Dr Catherine also offers Bioresonance services for animals.  In addition, Dr Catherine is also currently the point of contact for our detox clients and providing nutritional advice.

Dr Catherine is passionately committed to helping others reclaim their health and is equally passionate for her own personal and professional development.

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