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Detox Q & A with Dr Catherine & Anita


Detox Q & A

Unless you have been living in a cave, you would have heard of “detox” and may have experienced a detox programme probably with a special diet and have used services that purport to facilitate “detoxification”.  Or you might be curious how a “detox” may improve your performance and sense of wellbeing, or help you lose some weight, but you are unsure how to do it.

Spring is the best and probably easiest time to detox your body (and the “mind” that goes with it).

Are you ready to detox with confidence?

Since 2008 the creation of the first i-Detox programme, first of its kind in Hong Kong, we have evolved a lot…

Join Dr Catherine Cormack and Anita Cheung (i-Detox founder) in this informative session to get all your questions answered.


1. What is a safe detox for the busy people?

2. Detox for weight loss Vs detox for slim people

3. Who should and should not fast?

4. How to customise your detox?

5. Can children “detox” and how?

6. What foods to avoid during a detox?

7. How to maintain results after a detox?

8. Pitfalls of common detox and how to avoid

9. Colon cleansing and enema

10. Coffee enema and how it may support detox

11. Environmental detox and mind body ”detox”

12. Other detox supporting activities

Bring your questions too!

Learn while enjoying healthy raw vegan superfoods, including detox supporting smoothie meal replacement and snacks.



Remote participation by Zoom is available, please request. 


Energy Exchange:

HK$250 (FREE to all our returning past detox clients)

Amount paid fully redeemable to services

All participants will enjoy 30-day VIP Price in product purchase and special offers from our partners.

Inquire by whatsapp to us: (852) 98387902 or contact us here >>>

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