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Bio-resonance (Rayonex)

BR_bookBio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is a safe and non-invasive health assessment and health restoring technology from Germany. The earliest form of Bio-resonance (Rayonex) was developed in the 1970s by visionary inventor Paul Schmidt and it has since been refined to high levels of sophistication. It is being used and recommended by 5700+ physicians and health practitioners in Germany alone and is available in 40+ countries worldwide.

Why we choose Rayonex Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt?

There are two main types of Bio-resonance from Germany developed around the same time. One type creates a square or triangle shaved wave pattern to send back to the body – while this effectively kills pathogens, it may also disrupt cell signalling. Rayonex creates a sine wave which is more natural and harmonious to the body. The way it supports healing is, for example, to create an unwelcome environment for pathogens to survive, thus achieving similar result but can do no harm, ruling out the risk of human error. Another reason why we use Rayonex is because of the availability of home use machine options which save time and money for the end users. Harmonisation can be done at home while one sleeps. In fact that is the best time for the body to heal.

The Science Behind

The principle behind Bio-resonance is the principle Einstein has found more than 100 years ago – that matter is actually energy frequency, in which the frequency (or speed) of it is so low that is is perceivable by the physical senses. Every cell in the body vibrates at a particular frequency. Groups of cells in an organ or system have multiple vibrational frequency patterns which are unique and harmonious with the bigger system which is the whole body. While some frequencies are health supporting, others are detrimental to our health.

Imagine being exposed to jarring music all day long…Frequencies that are dissonant with us cause us to be out of balance, whereas frequencies that are resonant with us bring us back to balance.

To take a simple example of Bio-resonance at work found in nature – when we are under the sun, the ultra violet spectrum rays initiate regulations in the body which cause the skin to darken and Vitamin D to be produced.

In short, Bio-resonance shares the same principle with homeopathy, kinesiology, and many forms of ancient healing systems such as Chinese medicine, chi gong, ayurveda and many others.

Long term exposure to frequencies such as those from digital devices, satellites, sources of geopathic stress, medical assessment procedures, airport security checks etc are now found to be linked with many undesirable health conditions.

Early Detection of Disease

Paul Schmidt discovered that disturbances in our body follow a predictable course starting from the subtle level and eventually manifesting in the gross physical level (that is, from higher to lower frequency level).  The discovery is in line with concepts in all time-tested healing modalities. Our emotions and thoughts vibrate at the higher and subtle levels. Bio-resonance can be used to help with early detection of potential health conditions. He has also discovered that if one’s frequencies can be kept in harmony and higher than a certain level, disease states will not manifest.

Paul Schmidt and his team have identified specific vibrational frequencies of natural substances, of each of

the body’s organs and systems, of the most common pathogens and harmful substances (such as heavy metals and environmental toxins) etc, and with years of collecting and analysing experiences of practitioners, the frequencies that “tune” the body back to balance have been identified and integrated frequency balancing programmes (over 1000+) are installed in the device.

The Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt system consists of health assessment, harmonisation and related products that the consumer can use (in the comfort of their home or even when they are on the go) for proactive self care without being dependent on the therapist.

Nutrition and Health Product Asessment

We all need to eat and we all know food is medicine. But one person’s medicine can be another’s poison. Are you aware of what foods strengthen or weaken you? Or are you confused by all the conflicting health advice by “experts” and you simply have given up on trying to “eat right”?

By finding out what foods resonate with us and support specific functions, by detecting imbalances on the subtle levels and how they are affecting our various physiological and energetic systems, and by choosing health products according to what really works for us, one can take proactive actions to optimise their quality of life for many years to come.

The Invisible Dangers of Modern Living

Consider that a typical person is exposed to radiation of wifi 24 hours a day, spending 1/3 of their life sleeping on a spring coil mattress which concentrates harmful electric- magnetic frequencies (often with electricity output next to the bed creating a harmful electro-magnetic field), under daily mental stresses having to process much bigger amount of information than our ancestors had to and eating foods often processed with little nutrient value and life force, using stimulants such as caffeine and a sedentary lifestyle which encourages the accumulation of toxins…

And the worrying situation of exposing children to the effect of modern digital devices at their development stage…or before they are even born…which can have profound negative effect on their nervous system and overall health.

From our experience of working with many people from all age groups and state of health on their self improvement journey, the states of being unfocused, anxious and/or lethargic, poor quality sleep, poor skin, allergies, and many common sub-optimal health states can be improved by neutralising electro-magnetic radiation and geopathic stress (which Bioresonance can effectively address) before they worsen into more serious conditions – which require a lot more effort to reverse.

Bio-resonance services

With the fully equipped latest practitioner level Rayonex Bio-resonance devices in our new centre, we offer following services:

- Initial consultation with Certified Bio-resonance Practitioner, experienced holistic health practitioner trained in multiple modalities of healing Anita Cheung, or with our Senior Practitioner Dr Catherine Cormack, veterinary doctor and nutritional therapist

- Comprehensive Food Tolerance Test
- Comprehensive Health Assessment (with Nutritional Needs assessment and/or Psychological State assessment) with health product checking and recommendation
- Personalised Detox and Nutrition Consultation
- Personalised Harmonisation programme creation (for home use or for use at our practice)
- Harmonisation programmes
- Quick general wellness energy recharge without consultation (starting from 30 mins) – deeply healing power nap
- Various themed harmonisations without consultation (starting from 30 mins) – e.g. recovery from JetLag, Sports, X-Ray; Sleep support, Cognitive health support, Chakra balancing, Meridian balancing, Immunity support…

Bio-resonance products

Bio-resonance with Rayonex offers a range of Bio Field Forming products which optimise metabolic efficiency and/or help to neutralise the effects of various harmful frequencies present in our lives such as from the use of digital devices, as well as home use devices which empower the health seekers to take control of their health with or without the therapist.

More products are available such as wifi shielding curtains etc.

Home Bioresonance machines are available for rental or purchase.

How to get started?

1. Initial Bio-resonance Consultation <2-hour>

  • RayoscanRayoscan – ECG scanning and heart reaction of the body to the evaluation of the organs and body functions with electrodes attached to the body (like a more thorough “pulse reading”), and customised harmonisation programme from the assessment
  • Receive insights on nutritional deficiencies, stress from pathogens and heavy metals, state of meridien balance and/or chakra balance (which suggest emotions to be healed, hormone health etc) and suggestion on actions for balancing
  • Design your health regime: based on consultation with the therapist, the client can have health products they are using checked for compatibility and their resonance with specific body systems to assess their potential for having desired effect. Appropriate products from i-Detox may be suggested by assessing their potential effectiveness against wide range of areas of concern (e.g. better sleep, weight loss, hormone balancing, metabolism, detoxification, circulation, recovery from health conditions…).

This initial consultation is designed to include both assessment and a short harmonisation, as well as education (if the client is new to proactive self care). It can demonstrate what Bio-resonance with Rayonex can do, as well as what the client can continue to do at home. More in-depth investigation can be carried out in subsequent sessions.

  • 2-Hour session is recommended if emotional and mental stress balancing is required and solutions suggested. Alternatively, food intolerances consultation can be included within a 2-Hour initial consultation in which about 60 food items can be checked.

2. Comprehensive Food Assessment

Food sensitivities directly or indirectly contribute to many health conditions, not just “food allergies”.

At the very least, eating foods that weaken our digestive and immune system can contribute to poor skin condition, low mood, weight gain and difficulty to losing weight, constipation, lack of energy, stiff joints etc.

Find out what foods stress you and to what degree, what foods are neutral and what foods are really good for you.

Check compatibility of 60+ or 120+ common food items, test food samples brought by clients, and even get suggestions from our range of functional foods and supplements if desired…

All in only one visit and no body fluid required. Get clarity right away.

3. Emotional Balancing or Stress Management assisted by Bio-resonance and healing with founder

  • Assess nervous system state, discuss or discover with facilitation where release is required, release or rebalance with guided healing and see measurable result (now you can see the “before/after”)
  • Harmonisation focused on nervous system and chakra balancing (chakra health balancing can impact healing of specific emotional patterns and improve hormone balance…)
  • Education and demonstration on continuing to self practise

4. Bio-resonance Scan without consultation

This is an automatic ECG comprehensive health scan that is performed without the therapist’s interpretation and consultation. What follows can be a device generated personalised harmonisation programme one can receive at our centre or anywhere of the client’s choosing if they decide to rent or purchase the Bio-resonance home use model.

A separate consultation session can be booked with the therapist after this scan to further assess and to interpret results.

5. Quick Energy Reboot <25 mins>

Get much deeper relaxation and health benefits than a power nap with this quick recharge and reboot. Can be easily done at lunch break or any time of the day…

6. Product Analysis only <30 mins or longer>

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right products for yourself. Check up to 20 items of your choice in 30 minutes while receiving harmonising.

How to maintain the positive effects?

Just as you would regularly tune your piano or send your vehicle for regular service, you can do the same for your body and mind now…

1. Bio-resonance Follow-Up Consultation

- Follow up session after Initial Consultation
- Nutritional deficiency checking and more product checking
- Check for frequencies indicating potential health challenges
- Check for essential oils most appropriate for assisting mind body healing if appropriate
- Or what the client and therapist determine to be the priorities
- An updated harmonising programme can be created after this session

2. Personalised Bio-resonance Harmonisation <various session lengths available>

Client receives personalised harmonisation, using frequency data and programme created by the therapist during previous visit.

Note: Home use model is also available for self administered harmonisation with programme created by therapist. Recommended to be used at night which promotes deep sleep and taking no time out in your day…. Inquire with us for details.

3. Revisit Bio-resonance device generated health assessment

Without consultation to update your personalised harmonising programme by running an automatic scan (no interpretation and consultation)

4. Revisit Bio-resonance assisted Emotional Healing and Stress Management session

Use this session to continue to reduce your stress and increase your stress resilience.

Emotional healing is like peeling the onion. You can be supported on your healing journey to continuously discover yourself, remove subconscious blocks that limit your personal development, and/or be guided to make necessary changes in your life with your innate courage and wisdom.

Note: other services with Bio-resonance by Paul Schmidt including Desensitisation to Allergens is also available on site or as part of your client’s customised home programme created after Bio-resonance consultation.

<Inquire with us for details including package discounts>

Choose Your Solutions with our On-going Support

Lifestyle actions, health products including nutritional supplements and herbal products, therapeutic essential oils (which can be hundreds of times more potent than herbs), Biofield Forming frequency products are typically discussed in the consultation offering the client all-rounded insight to take their next steps to their health and wellbeing. Regular re-assessment (e.g. every two to four weeks) and education will help to keep you on track.

What Our Clients Say

<About Initial Consultation, harmonising and health product checking>

“I went into the session after a full day at work non stop…I left totally refreshed, relaxed, with total clarity and lots of insights about how I can use my health products to build a daily practice.” – Shiila Takaoka

We found the food resonance results to be very insightful and confirmed some self editing the children had implemented from their own inner knowing, such as eggs.  While the key to nutrition is finding a balance that works for the individual, the output from this testing helped identify some seemingly nutritious foods that the body simply needed a temporary break from.  MS

“I now have a whole new regime compared to before the session and I am using with confidence the essential oils and supplements that my body is asking for. Anita that session was a game changer!” – Carla Pohli

“Great tool to confirm what you suspect and give you an action plan. I am going back for more!” – Alison Middleton

“After checking supplements and health products I have been using for months, and some for years, I was able to determine which of these were of benefit. The Bio-resonance health consultation session with Dr Catherine helped me find more suitable options, and after removing the supplements and products that did not resonate, within days I felt a significant improvement in my wellbeing. I am happy to share more about my experience if you have any questions.” – M.S.

<About Customised Harmonisation>

“I can’t believe my backache that has been going on for weeks was gone in just 30 minutes! I am still feeling the BUZZ now!” – Norie Negishi

“I cannot tell you how much more focus and energy I now have after just two visits!” – Iris Otober

<About Emotional Balancing>

“I am so amazed by how quickly my chakras were balanced with my essential oils and Anita’s guided healing. It was a very valuable session.” – Jill Marshall

“My weighted down feeling in my naval area was lifted instantly. With Anita’s guidance I have found the essential oil blends that will continue to support my mind body health and continous healing.” – Carla Pohli

For more emotional and spiritual healing testimonials with Anita Cheung, refer to Serenity Vibration Healing. Anita specialises in integrating this advanced quantum healing modality with Bio-resonance that verifies its effect consistently.

NOTE: The above mentioned Bio-resonance services and products are intended to support wellness and preventative care, but cannot replace medical diagnosis and treatment.


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