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Who can benefit from Bio-resonance

Are you aware of what foods strengthen or weaken you? Or are you confused by all the conflicting health advice by “experts” and you simply have given up on trying to “eat right”?

And consider that a typical person is exposed to radiation of wifi 24 hours a day, spending 1/3 of their life sleeping on a spring coil mattress which concentrates harmful electric- magnetic frequencies (often with electricity output next to the bed creating a harmful electro-magnetic field), under daily mental stresses having to process much bigger amount of information than our ancestors had to and eating foods often processed with little nutrient value and life force, using stimulants such as caffeine and a sedentary lifestyle which encourages the accumulation of toxins…

And the worrying situation of exposing children to the effect of modern digital devices at their development stage…or before they are even born…which can have profound negative effect on their nervous system and overall health.

From our experience of working with many people from all age groups and state of health on their self improvement journey, the states of being unfocused, anxious and/or lethargic, poor quality sleep, poor skin, allergies, and many common sub-optimal health states can be improved before they worsen into more serious conditions – which require a lot more effort to reverse.

We all need to eat and we all know food is medicine. But one person’s medicine can be another’s poison. By finding out what foods resonate with us and support specific functions, by detecting imbalances on the subtle levels and how they are affecting our various physiological and energetic systems, and by choosing health products according to what really works for us, one can take proactive actions to optimise their quality of life for many years to come. We ourselves are fans of this model of self care. We have saved time and money and have experienced and observed a diverse ways it can benefit every health seeker.

We cannot think of anyone living in Hong Kong who cannot benefit from the non-invasive “tuning” offered by Bio-resonance!

And the best part part is, one can run their customised wellness programme in the comfort of their home. They can run the programme while they sleep or while they are relaxing. It greatly saves them time and money.

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