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Urban Detox Programs

You can now pick up new healthy habits, give yourself a nutritional upgrade and a metabolic reset with NO STARVATION, all while you are going about your daily life.

Receive LIFE TIME SUPPORT as our “Detox VIP”!

Join our group orientation or book your private consultation…

Kickstart a NEW YOU in 9 days…

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Look and Feel Your Best
mental clarity and good energy
Be Calm and Positive
Have Stronger Immunity
Have Efficient Digestion and Absorption
Be Free of Allergies, Aches and Pains
Sustainable Fat loss and Lean Muscle Gain
Freedom from food Cravings and Addictions (no “willpower” required)
Know What Food Choices to Make
Jumpstart a Healthier Lifestyle
Detox Emotionally 

Gain all these benefits WITHOUT sacrificing enjoyment of life!

Natural weight loss is often a visible side effect of restoring balance.  

(But dramatic weight loss does NOT equal an effective detox.)

Click here >>> to read about Our Approach to “Detox” (and why our starvation-free approach actually works better)

A standard program is designed to be followed for approximately 9 days but you will be given about 15 days’ worth of products, which you can use to extend your program or for maintenance. (There is flexibility in how you can use the products.)

Most products included are designed to be suitable to be incorporated into your normal daily life after your program, such that you can continue healthy habits.

Programs are available in Group format or Private format.  All programs are CUSTOMISABLE.


Typical Program Inclusions:


    • 15 days’ worth of superfoods, supplements and healthy snacks required in your program
    • Detailed 60-page proprietary detox manual (and future updates)
    • Detailed orientation to the detox program with health assessment
    • Debrief session after your program
    • Support by phone and email with our support team (all our customer support staff have accredited nutrition/health related education)
    • Access to founder Anita and other detox advisors on our team by email (or phone/in person/whatsapp if situation calls for)
    • on-going phone and email support for future repeat detoxes (you get LIFE TIME DETOX SUPPORT from us)
    • <Starting April 2017: Bio Resonance assessment assisted customisation> to assist in customisation of program
    • discount for detox supporting services, e.g. up to 20% off for colonic and far infra red sauna sessions, 5% off for emotional coaching with Anita
    • Detox VIP membership (for purchase discounts, special events, etc)

What will you be eating during the program?

In a typical 9-day period, the products provided will replace approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of your regular meal.  The rest of the time you can eat regular meal.

For best results, you do need to take a break from foods and substances like: refined sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol and processed foods.  (In your orientation we will let you try alternatives to the above so you will understand that you will not feel deprived.)

For “regular meal”, some choose to prepare themselves, some eat out and just make healthier choices (which we will explain to you how).  These chef prepared foods may be used and you can provide on your own organic vegetables (e.g. as salad or boiled lightly).

A blender will let you make a fresh and delicious meal replacement (not a juice) in only a couple of minutes, although a shaker can work too.  <We offer some options of blender too.>

Some fresh vegetable juices are encouraged – which you can prepare yourself, purchase from us (bottled) or from where it’s convenient for you.

Health snacks from our shop are detox-friendly and may be included.

You will need to provide your own:

-clean water (very important to have high quality water for detox and for on-going health)

-fresh fruits and vegetables

We believe a holistic detox is a natural lifestyle change that benefits not just the physical but also emotional and mental level, even spiritual level, as attested from our experience and observation. We provide therapeutic massageintegrative physiotherapy, food coaching, subconscious belief change coachingassisted meditation, multiple Bio Resonance related services to assist you to have a truly HOLISTIC DETOX experience.)

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How to get started:

1. If you want to find out with NO obligation: come to our next Superfood Sampling and Detox Intro (Part I) (you can decide on the spot to sign up to the Group format program and stay behind for Part II for the detox program orientation)

Or contact us to set up an on-line class so you can attend anytime anywhere.

If you are sure you want to do it, contact us to enroll in a public/semi-private or private program. While we highly recommend you at least come to the Part I of the Superfood Sampling session with tasting and holistic health education, if you cannot attend, you can opt for Private or Semi Private options to start your Detox program without having to wait.

See below for more details…


1. The Superfood Open House (first session) is PART of the full experience of the Group Detox program and is ESSENTIAL to attend.  It provides important information on superfoods, self care, and what makes a “detox” work for you.

2. If you know you are going to join the GROUP format detox, paying it before coming to the orientation is highly recommended as it will ensure everything in your detox kit are ready on the day you come to us and you can get started right away. (Not to say the $100 fee to the talk is waived.)

3. If you are planning to join the Private program, you can still attend this session, as you will SAVE HK$500 by doing so.

Program types costs:

All program prices listed below are based on the standard 15 days program kit.  Customisation can be made on top of the standard inclusions.

All programs include LIFE TIME support from us.  You enjoy a much more favourable rate  (HK$2500 is the current re-detox price) to repeat the standard program in future.

Option A: Private program with Anita and i-Detox team


Option B: Private group program with Anita and i-Detox team

<sharing same sessions as a group>

2 people – HK$3880 each (15% Off)

3 – 4 people – HK$3660 each (20% Off)

5 or more people – HK$3500 each (24% Off)

Option C: Group Program with Anita and i-Detox team 

(Come to fixed time public orientation with lots of tasting or attend on line)


Option D: Semi-Private Program with i-Detox team wellness advisor

(If you cannot make it to public Group orientation and you want to start without waiting for the next available one. But you can still come back to any Superfood Detox Tasting/Education session.)


(The above pricing will be changed from 1 Feb, 2017)

What are the differences among these options? 

  • Options C & D do not include private consultation with Anita and the Bio Communication Wellness Assessment but it can be booked separately.
  • But all program participants can come back to attend any Superfood Detox tasting/education event free of charge if they have missed it before they start their program or whenever they want a refresher.
  • Options A & B detox program participants will get private holistic consultation with Anita and Bio Communication Wellness Assessment at the beginning and end of program.
  • For all detox clients, Anita monitor progress through report from i-Detox wellness advisors. Whatsapp and email support from our team is available throughout.
      <Program prices do not include additional therapies you choose to do e.g. colonics, far infra red saunas, or therapeutic raindrop therapy>

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Referral reward:

Receive $200 “health bucks” (credits) for every new client you introduce to one of our detox programs

<Or gain $300 “health bucks” as a VIP member…>

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