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"My mind chatter stopped, possibly for the very first time in my life, during the session with you. ...

Our Team and Our Approach

While we started with nutrition in our early days, we have always been integrative and holistic in our approach.

From our experience and more recently with Bio Resonance, we have been verifying the predictable progression of imbalances that originate from the subtle frequency levels – from the meridian and electro-magnetic level, to the emotional level, the belief level, the collective consciousness level to finally the life purpose and faith level. When we address the root cause at the level of origin lasting balance can be restored.

Our approach is also shared by Dr Klinghart, MD, PhD, German origin integrative doctor who has used his “5 levels of Healing” approach in restoring health for many who had stubborn health conditions. While we are not a medical clinic, we strive to educate and inspire those who are ready to take a proactive approach to self care on all levels of their wellbeing. Personal development is on the continuum of wellbeing.

Our competent practitioners share a genuine intention to empower and educate. 

We believe if we have done our job well, you do not need to see us all the time for the same issue.  

Resident practitioners:

Founder – Anita S K Cheung

anita_headshot_roundOur founder Anita S K Cheung is the original creator of our nutritious detox program and the chief curator of the products available from our on line and physical store. She has been a holistic health practitioner since 2005.

Anita has been trained in nutrition, TCM, NLP, EFT, aromatherapy, Bio Resonance and multiple coaching and energy healing modalities. Learning and self development is her lifelong passion. (See her bio here)

Anita offers personalised coaching and healing sessions in person or remotely. She uses Bio Resonance (Rayonex) to facilitate faster and more accurate assessment than the traditional interview approach, and she uses multiple modalities to provide solutions.

If you are looking to improve emotional balance, get guidance on life transitions, experience integrative mind body healing (in person or remotely), or address stubborn physical issues with deeper root causes, please specify and Anita Cheung will be the appropriate practitioner for you.

(Read Anita’s Bio here to see her training)


Senior Practitioner – Dr Catherine Cormack

Our Senior practitioner is Dr Catherine Cormack, who, with medical background and experience as Veterinary surgeon, is also a nutritional therapist, personal trainer and passionate holistic health advocate. (See her bio here.)

Most initial health assessments (currently supported by Bio Resonance with Rayonex for its accuracy and effectiveness) are performed by Dr Cormack.

If your main concern is nutritional or related to food tolerance, please specify and Dr Catherine Cormack will be assigned for you.

(Since August 2017, all nutritional and detox related consultations are under the care of Dr Cormack.)

Integrative Physiotherapist – Angeline Chan

Angeline Chan: gifted Integrative Physiotherapist whose physiotherapies incorporate other modalities to address deeper issue of imbalance. Read more here about her treatments.

Holistic Bodywork Therapist – Mona Chan

Mona Chan: multi-talented holistic bodywork therapist trained in many modalities of manual therapy. Read more here about her treatments.

Are we a good fit?

We recognise the drive and willingness to become the better version of yourself comes from within you. We believe any challenges you are facing, whether it’s health or other areas in your life, are there to show you what you need to pay more attention to – we do not believe in “fighting” any condition you have or seeing it as a “mistake” of your body.

We will work best with you if you would actively participate in your own healing and personal development process.




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