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Our Systemic Approach and Our Team

When your house is flooded, would you only focus on drying the floor without finding out the source of the water? What if you find out not the water is not only coming from your kitchen tap but also from a pipe outside of your building?

While we started from nutrition and urban detox, we have been constantly evolving and widening our horizon. Our approach to wellness is systemic and we help you to look at all the root causes of your challenges.

Science meets Traditional Wisdom

Our systemic approach is also shared by Dr Klinghardt, MD, PhD, German origin progressive doctor who has used what he calls the “5 levels of Healing” approach inspired by Eastern wisdom developed 12,000 years ago in the Himalayas. In Dr Klinghardt’s words “we are not mere physical bodies but we are surrounded and penetrated by four other invisible bodies”.

The discovery of the biophoton field and morphic resonance is starting to bring science and true “healing” together. With Bioresonance technology we can now detect and demonstrate the state of our subtle and energy bodies before “dis-ease” manifests in the physical body level which is the very last level and the densest level of our multi-dimensional bodies.


The graphic below explains the 5 Levels of Healing approach we practise.



Our resident practitioners:

Founder – Anita S K Cheung

anita_headshot_roundOur founder Anita S K Cheung is the original creator of our nutritious detox program and the chief curator of the products available from our on line and physical store.

Anita is an avid learner and has learnt from teachers far and near. She has been trained in nutrition, TCM, NLP, EFT, aromatherapy, Bio-resonance and numerous coaching and psychological and spiritual healing modalities.

Anita offers personalised coaching and healing sessions. She uses Bio-resonance (Rayonex) to facilitate faster and more accurate assessment than the traditional interview approach. Anita currently focuses on facilitating healing on deeper root causes of physical challenges and on seeing clients who are seeking support on life transitions. Anita also offers remote consulting and facilitation of self healing (on video).

(Read Anita’s Bio here)


Senior Practitioner – Dr Catherine Cormack

Our Senior practitioner is Dr Catherine Cormack, who is a certified Bioresonance Practitioner, a nutritional therapist, personal trainer and shares our passion in self care education and personal development. Dr Catherine has been a client of i-Detox since 2013 and joined us in 2017.

Dr Catherine consults for our detox programmes, Bioresonance health assessments, food tolerance testing, Bioresonance assisted animal health check (with animal body fluid sample).

(See her bio here.)

Holistic Bodywork Therapist – Mona Chan

Mona Chan: multi-talented holistic bodywork therapist trained in multiple modalities of manual therapy. Read more here about her therapeutic bodywork.

Integrative Physiotherapist – Angeline Chan

Angeline Chan: registered Physiotherapist, further trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy, IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) and Colour Puncture. Read more about Angeline’s Integrative Physiotherapy.

Are we a good fit?

Typical client 1 (child with recurring skin irritation and short attention span)
Typical client 2 (adult with fatigue, insomnia and hair loss)




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