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Support for Terminally Ill & Family

Over the years, we have had distressed family and friends of those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses coming to us for support.

There is still a lot one can do even when conventional medicine has little left to offer, or when the patient has decided to not take conventional treatment options because of various reasons.

For example, pain perception can be reduced from stress reduction practices as pain is perceived in our brain. Supporting the body’s detoxification functions through nutrition and Bio Resonance can lessen the discomforts resulting from some medical treatments. Likewise the body’s own immune function can be supported naturally along side aggressive medical treatments.

Emotionally, letting go of suppressed emotions, completion with family and loved ones, empowering the patient to find their joy and purpose can greatly improve their mood.

Whether the “terminally ill” survives their illness or not, we have seen that the most important focus in such situation is to support the state of “neutrality” and “acceptance” (which does not equal to “giving up”) for the patient and their loved ones.

The energy put in “fighting” can thus be better utilised for “healing”.

Even for “healthy people” it is not always easy to maintain a positive frame of mind. Therefore the terminally ill patient requires a lot of compassionate mind body healing support to experience love and gratitude (crucial emotional states that are known to trigger the most powerful healing response). Those caring for the terminally ill also can use a lot of the same as taking care for the terminally ill is demanding on many levels.

Intense emotions are often experienced in such situations making it challenging to make the best decisions or to maintain neutrality, especially towards the end stage of the patient’s life. However the most enormously distressful time can also offer the most profound bonding and healing opportunity for all concerned.

We are selective in taking on clients of such situation because of the intensity of the demand. Contact us to discuss your needs to see if we may be of help or if we may refer.



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