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New Superfood Sampling (Part I) & Detox Orientation (Part II)

Superfood Galore + Crash Course to Self Care!


Do you want….?

  • energy and stamina (and no more unhealthy food cravings)
  • mental clarity and emotional stability
  • great digestion
  • vitality and strong immunity
  • healthy weight
  • youthful skin
  • a toolbox for self care

“SUPERFOODS” are like supplements but they are real foods that the body can utilise very easily.

As the FIRST Hong Kong company to advocate superfoods, functional foods and organise sampling, we have gone through many types and suppliers. We’d love to share what we’ve found with you at this EXPERIENTIAL session!

(Feel free to bring your own brand of superfoods and compare…)

Looking to do a nutritious and effective detox with no starvation? <Yes that’s what we are known for!>

Whether you are planning to join our structured Superfood Detox program or not, you are very much welcome to join PART I which is educational and with lots of tasting!

What to expect at the tasting?

Over 14 items of tasting including ready-to-eat healthy snacks as well as simple preparation made with authentic superfood ingredients.

Taste delicious alternatives to dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine that you may not know about. (Most participants are surprised!)

Learn what to eat more of to control damage of modern living and you can incorporate superfoods and “detox” into your lifestyle in practical ways (including while travelling).

NEW FORMAT notice: once you have registered and paid, you will be sent a link with password to access exclusive superfood and healthy eating information that will prepare you to get the MOST out of your Superfood Tasting LIVE experience, and if so you choose to, your Superfood Detox experience.

This preparation content (videoed) will cover healthy eating basics, the pitfalls and potentials of “detoxing”, and the surprising link between belief, emotions and physical health.

Considering the Superfood Detox?

If you know you want to be in our fully structured Superfood Detox program, register with us and pay upfront to save HK$100.

Or you can decide after the first session to commit to the program or not. In any case you can learn to integrate more nutritious foods into your lifestyle such as snacks that are actually good for you and eliminate your unhealthy cravings after attending this first session.


3rd Jun 2017 (Sat)

10:45am – 12:45pm (Part I – public presentation)

1:15pm – 2:15pm (Part II – superfood detox orientation)

NOTE: The first session (tasting and videoed presentation) is OPEN to all.

You are not obligated to participate in our signature Superfood DetoxTM program to attend this session. 

Click here to learn more about the program>>>

<All participants receive VIP price on product purchase at the event!>


HK$100 per person to PART I open session (waived if detox program is pre-paid before the session)

HK$3200 for joining PART II the group detox orientation session and program (price inclusive of detox program and products for 15 days)

<New pricing starting from 1 Feb, 2017>

Photo credits: Emma Barbour

Photo credits: Emma Barbour


1. To attend the PART I session: if you arrive 10-15 mins earlier to settle in, you will have more time to fill out a detailed health and toxicity assessment we provide complimentary for your own benefit.

2. PART II Group Detox orientation is ONLY open to those registered into the group program and paid in full before session starts.

3. Early registration (and paying in full actually before PART I) will help you and us: while you are welcome to decide right after PART I to join the Group Detox program and stay for PART II, the $100 cost for PART I will NOT be waived.

For those who have registered early we would have prepared your detox kit for you (or you may opt for free delivery). If you decide on the spot, your kit may or may not be fully complete on the day but we will arrange delivery or pick up.

What others say:

“I didn’t expect healthy food and doing a detox can be so delicious! I am now inspired to learn more about healthy eating. I will be back and I will bring friends for sure!” – Fei, nurse

“There’s so much food to sample I didn’t need to eat lunch after the talk! And I’ve learnt a lot from the talk, not just on nutrition but also on holistic health.” – Iris S

Register with us now!

(Enquiry Tel: 3904-1072)

Click here to Superfood Detox Program details >>>

Click here for payment methods, event registration and cancellation policies

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  1. 5:24 PM says:

    Great site you have here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  2. Josh says:

    What kinds of superfoods do you recommend for daily use?

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