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Where to Start?

Who we are in a nutshell:

We are a wellness practice, progressive health products store and the first and original nutritious detox program provider in Hong Kong. We were founded by wellness industry pioneer Anita Cheung in 2008, who first promoted awareness about (authentic) “superfoods”, the raw vegan lifestyle (as an option not as dietary dogma), the benefits for an urban detox that is as nutritious as it is effective, health coaching and personal development as an important aspect of “wellbeing”.

Our mission is to support you to become your best self.

And we strive to make self/health care EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, PLEASURABLE & PRACTICAL for YOU.

How we may support you -


1. Call for a complimentary 15-minutes Chat with one of our key practitioners

One person’s medicine can be another’s poison. For one you can bring three items to check with our Bio Resonance (Rayonex) to ascertain if they are right for you, completely free.

You can also discuss your main health concerns in this complimentary chat and we will let you know if we feel we would a good match for you or if we should recommend you to others we know.

2. Come to one of our Events

Our events are known for being informative,  inspiring and empowering.

Check out all events under the “Events” tab…

3. Book a comprehensive health assessment

Get insights on where you may be out of balance and start developing your lifestyle regime after your initial 1.5 H or 2 H private consultation with Bio Resonance technology >>>

4. Book other services

We offer a varied suite of unique wellness services. Check under the Services tab…

5. SHOP with us…

Our physical store and wellness centre is conveniently located on Wellington Street, Central. <See our location>

Most of our front line staff are qualified in nutrition and some are trained in other modalities of healing. They are happy to help!

Or visit our on line store anytime…We deliver locally in Hong Kong and out of Hong Kong as well.  <SHOP NOW>

Wholesale or business collaboration

Contact us for wholesale opportunities. We are known for our discerning selection of high quality unique health products. We’ve been setting the trend since 2008. We stand by our products we distribute because we use them ourselves and Bio Resonance checking and customer satisfaction has confirmed their quality for us.

Or talk to us about innovative collaboration.

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