Cholesterol Confusion

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Self Care for Everyone

How resourceful are you in self care?  Family pic

Were you taught the important life skills of what and how to eat to be have positive mood, high energy, and prevent diseases?   (In fact school lunches are becoming more nutrient deficient and highly processed nowadays.  And the number of hours of medical students are taught nutrition are on the decrease, averaging around 20 hours total in the entire medical training.)

  • When you develop a sore throat and first sign of a cold, what do you do  Pop a pill? Do nothing and hope it goes away?
  • Do you know how to prevent getting sick in the first place?
  • Do you know how to maintain healthy weight without having to count calories and exercise compulsively?
  • Do you know how to prevent jet lag?
  • Do you know what your cravings are telling you?
  • Do you know how to manage your daily stress?
  • Do you wonder why a diet fits your friend but does not do much for you?


At i-Detox we take it as our mission to educate, inspire and empower the individual to become more RESOURCEFUL in taking care of themselves.  We share with them the options available and they choose their actions.

You do not need to be doing a “detox” to benefit from upgrading your diet.  Anyone living a modern lifestyle can benefit from a conscious dietary and lifestyle upgrade which increases their quality of life.  

We have worked with clientale of various ethnic background, body types, from teenagers, women at different stages of pregnancy, busy professionals, athletes to those who have chronic diseases.  

Not only do we address WHAT you eat and how much but also HOW you eat and the QUALITY of your life as a whole.  

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