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Quality Living with Essential Oils

Date: Coming Soon

This class will EXPAND your understand of essential oil use beyond common idea of “aromatherapy”… as the use of “essential oils” is much beyond “aroma-therapy”


Never before in the history of mankind have we seen more people using essential oils than we are seeing now. Increasingly savvy consumers are using essential oils or essential oil infused products as natural and ecological solutions to their everyday wellbeing needs.

However most of the so-called “essential oils” we have found from experience, research and from Bio Resonance checking may actually harm us.

Most “essential oil” products sold on the market are adulterated often containing petrochemicals. Most consumers select essential oil products only on their scent and have no idea how even “organic” products do not guarantee purity, authencity and potency. In fact it’s just as prevalent (or more so) to produce and sell sub-standard essential oils compared to sub-standard nutritional supplements even under the “organic” label.

However, when pure, authentic and produced for maximum potency, essential oils are some of the most healing and restorative substances from nature, having resonance with human and all living things and naturally support BALANCE. They are plant’s own medicine. They act as chemical messengers of the plant just like hormones are to humans. They can be hundred or even thousand times more concentrated than herbs. In historical times, many were traded as gold and only accessible to the “elite”.

Now the “elite” are those who have discernment to choose real essential oils, which are much more affordable and available in many more formats than ever before in history!

Join Anita our founder in this inspiring and empowering session to see for yourself HOW to choose real and quality “essential oils” and experience for yourself how they may become “essential” in your life once you learn how they can upgrade the quality of your life in so many ways.

Some of the ways you will learn:

- being an integral part of home and travelling first aid kit

- being used daily to enhance energy levels and support healthy blood sugar level

- supporting digestive and immune health

- optimising skin and hair health

- relaxing tired muscles and support structural alignment

- supporting healing from injury

- support emotional and mental wellbeing

- slowing down or reversing aging

- supporting sports performance and overall physiological functions

- supporting weight management

- promoting detoxification

- preventing or minimising jetlag and maximising travel wellness


Concerns such as methods of administration, reasons for conflicting recommendations by health professionals, and many more PRACTICAL questions will be addressed.

Feedback from a past participant: “Very enlightening presentation! I have learnt a lot that I did not know as an aromatherapist of 15 years. Thank you…!” – Annemiek Burger


anita_headshot_roundPresented by: Anita Cheung, founder of i-Detox

Anita Cheung

Anita is an avid learner and has traveled the world to learn from different teachers in different healing and personal development modalities. She believes in integrating what she has learnt in multiple modalities, from the “tangible” discipline of nutrition, aromatherapy, to the “intangible” such as Bio Resonance (which involves a machine) and many energy and intuitive modalities (which does not involve a machine) such as BodyTalk, Yuen Method, AFT, EFT, Serenity Vibration Healing, among others, for the best interest of her clients. She is passionate in educating and empowering people in being and becoming the best version of themselves.

Venue: i-Detox

Cost: HK$200 (convertible to services)

All participants will receive detailed handouts.

Register here now!


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