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Psychological Competence – from Stress to Ease

20th Oct, 2015 (Tues)

10:30am to 12:30pm


22nd Oct, 2015 (Thu)

7pm to 9pm

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Presented by visiting Psychotherapists Sherman Ng and Susan Kwok

(Read about them here >>>)

Do you find yourself getting irritated by small every life incidents? Do you get tired, worn out, feel like you are always on edge, can easily lose your cool and unable to relax and concentrate?

During this experiential seminar we will examine the challenges of modern day stress, and their impact on our daily performance, productivity and health. You will gain insights on when you are under extreme stress and how you can measure its intensity as well as the proactive steps you can take to reduce feelings of overload.

This seminar will equip you with simple tools to assist you in rebuilding your emotional resilience to better manage your stress.

Cost: HKD100

Optional Stress Test (HK100) – come at least 30 mins before the talk and assess your stress level. Results will be discussed during the talk on no-name basis.

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