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I felt so much clarity at the end of our session. I now feel lighter, freer, and am finally able to ...

Proactive Long Term Health for 40+

Add more years to your life and life to your years – at any age!


11th April 2017 (Tue), 7:00pm – 9:00pm

If you are below 40 but you do plan to live (way) beyond 40 and looking/feeling great 

Stretching After a Long Walkyou are also welcome!

Some predict that this generation may be outlived by the one before due to our epidemic of “modern” dise


Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression and anxiety were rare or unheard of a few generations ago.

How well are you equipped in handling the stressors of modern living – physically, emotionally and mentally? Are you looking for natural ways to slow down aging internally and externally and optimise vitality?

Learn how to PROACTIVELY reduce your

risk of modern diseases, to maximise the quality of your life, by learning about self care and nutritional choices and use of safe and concentrated plant essences, frequency medicine to control infla

mmation (the underlying cause of many modern diseases, pain and degeneration), support blood sugar balance, and digestive health, slow down oxidative stress, facilitate detoxification, hormone balance, and natural immunity.

herbal-medicine-r jpg

If you have used natural healing but you are looking for more affordable or DIY options, higher potency and/or easier self administration even while on the go, or new ideas you have never heard before, you would very likely learn something new in this class.

Cost: by donation (Suggested donation $100 to our selected charities!)

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