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Places to Eat. Drink. and Be Healthy

Here is a list of places we like to go to eat as they serve healthy foods and beverages.  Not all-inclusive of course but places we know and like.

We really hope that there will be more places that serve food that is really meant for our human body…Isn’t food meant to nourish us and keep us healthy?  However in today’s world we need to go to “specialty” places to eat “healthy foods”…!  Do you share our hope?  Make your demand heard!  Ask your restaurant about offering brown rice option for example.  (Support the Brown Rice Movement!)  Ask them about the water they use and the oil they use… Suggest them to offer organic options.  Support those who operate with integrity and your health interests as prioity!

And your suggestion to add to this (growing) list is very welcome!!

Juices and smoothies:

1. Pure Swell

Available to order at i-Detox! Pure Swell make an exclusive almond mylk bottle for i-Detox and all other juices, smoothies or nut mylk can be pre-ordered ahead of time.

2. MANA! Raw

MANA! Raw – Wild Juicery : bespoke raw cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar where you can choose from a wide variety of superfoods and organic ingredients. They also a selection of vegan Japanese inspired sushi, raw soups and raw desserts.

3. Genie Juicery

Cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices, super food smoothies, nut mylks, cold brew coffees & protein shakes – available online (with delivery service) or in store. You can visit their ifc store/juice bar where you can pick up juices, smoothies, cold brew coffees, raw vegan matcha lattes, lemonades, coconut water drinks and healthy snacks like raw granola.

4. Street Stalls

You may find street stalls in your neighbourhood that squeeze fruit juices fresh. for you  We like adding carrot or celery into apple juices.  You may also find fresh green coconut in some street stalls.

For Complete Meals:

1. MANA! Fast Slow Food

MANA! Fast Slow Food: Light restaurant featuring salads, juices, soups, desserts and smoothies with a focus on vegetarian, vegan, organic, local, gluten-free and raw food. Well known for their vegan flatbread wraps and raw vegan cakes.


Health food restaurant with all dishes including organic kale; the concept is nutritious fast food and includes snacks, salads, sliders, juices, appetizers and breakfast foods.

3. Grassroots Pantry

Vegetarian and vegan gourmet cafe with close to 100% organic ingredients sourced locally where possible. Everything they serve is homemade including all sauces, jams and butters. They also feature raw vegan and gluten-free dishes and desserts.

4. Veggie SF

A sincere and creatively decorated vegetarian restaurant in Central.  They prepare and serve their food with love. The young couple are Buddhists (who had served at the World Peace Cafe) and used to live in San Francisco, and the deco is San Fracnsicso in the 50′s. It’s delightful to eat there. Not everything is free of diary or wheat but we appreciate that they always have whole grain choices and those who prefer a combination of cooked and raw can find it here in their set menu.  We love the vegetarian bibimbab… They have a set menu with about 5 sets at lunch and dinner and it changes weekly.

5. Locofama

Locofama is an organic retail concept featuring a organic gourmet restaurant and healthy grocery shop. The restaurant serves Continental food made with organic vegetables, sustainable seafood and grass-fed meats. The shop offers eco friendly home products and organic groceries including locally produced organic soy milk and organic pet food. They also stock local favourites So…Soap! and feature local organic produce from farmers they partner with.

6. Pure Veggie House

Vegan & vegetarian dim sum with some local & organic ingredients.


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