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Natural Pet Care 101

Replace harmful chemicals and give your pets safe and natural options they deserve!


9th December 2017 (Sat) 2:30pm – 4:30pm


As a Veterinary Surgeon and nutritional therapist, Dr Catherine Cormack believes in our innate ability to stay well and to heal.

Dr Catherine believes one of the most fundamental ways to maintain wellbeing and facilitate healing for your pets is to replace harmful chemicals from your pet care regimen, and replacing with natural substances.

Today, pets, like their humans, are living in a stew of toxic chemicals – according to recent reports, anywhere between 80 and 100 thousand.  Chemicals disrupt an animal’s endocrine system: This compromises the immune and nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, the leading cause of death in pets.

Our pets are under constant assault from the toxic chemicals contained in flea and tick preventatives and cleaning products.

And this is why authentic essential oils are an “essential part” of daily life because  they can replace common chemicals found in the living environment and be used appropriately to promote wellness for your pet.

Dr Cormack will be sharing:


•    How to distinguish a good quality therapeutic EO from the rest.

•    The EO’s that are safe for your pets.

•    The best use of oils for supporting optimal bodily function.

•    Different methods of application, when each is appropriate and why.

Cost: $250 (fully convertible to services)

For your convenience, i-Detox offers the following payment methods:

  • By ATM/ Internet bank transfer to our HSBC A/C #: 808-430-995-001, bank code is 004; Made payable to:  i-Detox International Ltd.

(To verify payment, please email: with a copy of the bank slip for payment confirmation.)

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