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Pet Holistic Health Check

puppy and kittenProactively support your Pet’s Health Naturally

A new natural and proactive way to keep your pet healthy and strong is to use Bio Resonance to periodically assess the functions of its organ system, its susceptibility to common stressors and support its detoxification.

Like you your pet is susceptible to many environmental toxins and stressors (such as EMF), heavy metals from vaccinations, and they may be even more susceptible to the chemicals in their food and found in the household.

Dr Catherine Cormack, a Certified Bioresonance Practitioner uses the non invasive German developed Bio-resonance technology to perform comprehensive assessment of your pet’s organ function, energy levels, resilience and environmental stressors, targeted to your main concerns of your pet.

This is performed on a saliva sample collected in the comfort of your home with no need for a stressful trip to the vets.  We will then suggest a variety of modalities to help address the underlying issues, one of which is a convenient home use Bio-resonance device that you can use to give your pet its customised wellness treatment.

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