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Our Signature Program rated as “Most Comprehensive” and “Exceptionally Good Value” by Sassy HK

idetox_Sassy_themeOn 13th January 2014, Sassy Hong Kong published a review about our signature Superfood Detox programme.

After completing the program, having the private detox and wellness consultation, Therapeutic Raindrop Therapy, Emotional Detox, and Far Infra Red saunas (with our recommended service provider Natural Path), they have these to say about our offering:


“…Drawn in by their slogan “Nurture a new you”, I was intrigued by their more rounded approach. Not only do they not advocate fasting, but they also understand that a detox is more than just a diet, but a whole process involving mind and body. Most of all though, their diet plan is actually sensible! Based on increasing your intake of superfoods (which are high in nutrients and healing properties) and minimising your consumption of toxins, the aim is that you end your nine-day meal plan restored and revived…


Nevertheless, their more ‘nurturing’ approach did initially have my cynical side on edge. I like science and facts – not spiritual waffle! However my first private consultation with Anita, i-Detox’s figurehead, put me at ease. She led me through the programme’s principles and more importantly, the science behind them.  She also demonstrated another benefit of their detox – that its adaptability is based on your needs. I grimaced as she analysed my hand to understand my body, but she managed to successfully pick up on my gut problems and tendency to be cold, thus suggesting I integrate beef broths into the otherwise meat-free programme… providing perfect proof of the detox’s adaptability!…

I personally loved the smoothies. Filled with green powder, protein powder, flax seed and oil, cacao powder, goji berries and scrumptious fruit, I positively looked forward to feasting on mine (although I didn’t acquire such a taste for vegetable-based ones, deciding to stick instead to the fruity varieties). They were exceptionally filling and contained a lot more nutrition than juices, so I felt no energy lows or hunger pangs….”

The final verdict:

“i-Detox provides the most comprehensive, sustainable type of detox in Hong Kong, which can be done easily, without sacrificing work performance or socialising. It equips you with knowledge about food that will stay with you long after and a deeper respect for your body. It’s also exceptionally good value given the quantity of products you are given and level of support received. The public option is good if you’re looking to save some dollars, but the private version is fab if you have any individual health needs. So for those looking for a kick start to getting back in full health in 2014, i-Detox may just be the place to go…”

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