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Holistic Wellness Consultation


Anita Cheung has been a full time health and wellness practitioner and coach since 2005.  (Click here for her bio)

Anita’s integrative approach

Anita draws from a rich pool of wisdom and knowledge she has gained over the years, including but not limited to, Bio Resonance, holistic and functional nutrition, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) hand diagnostics, kinesiology, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), aromatherapy and energy healing.

Anita’s approach integrates the “head” and the “heart”, Eastern and Western wisdoms, and has been continuously evolving as she has been constantly taking training and developing herself as a health coach, a health educator, a healer and as a person.

Since 2017, the Holistic Wellness Consultation has been enhanced with the use of Bio Resonance technology to more accurately discover priorities to work on with the client, including food checking. Read here about the Bio Resonance modality that we use >>>


What NOT to Expect

While weight and diet can be considered in your consultation, there is no measuring of your weight nor analysis of calories in your consultation with Anita.  (Click here to see why we do not focus on portion control)

While many clients who have consulted our team and our founder have lost excess weight (and experienced other benefits in fairly short amount of time), they achieved the weight loss as a side effect of having a healthy functional body.  If you expect a “punishing” or “quick fix” approach to weight loss and health, seeing Anita is NOT for you, as our focus is your long term health and empowering you to take care of yourself without the use of “will power” or deprivation. And it will take a process.

If you primary goal is to upgrade your diet, change your food cravings and/or to achieve your ideal weight, a good starting point is our superfood-based Urban Detox programme, which is available with or without consultation with Anita our founder.

What To Expect

Depending on your needs, the session will usually cover education about eating smart in the fast lane, and nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your body constitution and lifestyle.

Food Test with Bio Resonance is included since 2017 to help the client gain clarity on optimal food choices.

A recorded class on nutrition and wellness by Anita will be made available in addition to the face time with Anita.

A food demo and relevant food tastings of superfoods are included upon request with one of our qualified consultants. Helper coaching may be arranged following this consultation.

To support mind body health, possible emotional causes will be explored, and essential oils and awareness practices are often included.

Added benefit: Anita also makes unbiased and client-centered recommendations to her professional network of wellness and medical practitioners and work along with them to provide the best support to her clients.

What Others Say…

“Anita is a fantastic and compassionate teacher and I felt she really cared about my health.” – Caroline Rhodes-Morison, Founder of The Body Group

“Anita, you have been an inspiration in my life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for helping me quit caffeine and be free of my sugar cravings so easily! I have more energy now and am exercising everyday…” – Colin Lively (New York)

“…I can’t believe I don’t feel like coffee anymore now and I actually have more energy throughout the day…My moods have improved. My stomach ache is gone, so is my skin allergy…I am COOKING at home and enjoying it! I am even packing lunch! Unbelievable! Not long ago I was of the belief that eating healthy is time consuming and almost impractical to do in my lifestyle. But now I realized it doesn’t have to be!… I have got clearer with my priorities in this programme and I feel more in control with my life…Before our coaching programme, I was so pre-occupied with my work and I didn’t have much left to attend to myself, much less the world at large. I now feel more connected, more content and overall happier…” – Cherry Lee

“Anita is passionate and knowledgeable…She understands how to make lifestyle changes acceptable and possible for a wide range of people…” – Angela Spaxman, client, executive coach and founding president of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community

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