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aromatic lifestyle

The Greek Father of Medicine Hippocrates has said “The key to health is daily aromatic massage and bath.”

Do you follow his advice? <smile>

The use of aromatic substances is no longer the privilege of the elite like in historical times nor are they the privilege of certain “professionals” only today.

All natural and aromatic substances can, for example, replace harmful chemicals found in everyday products and by doing so we save money, reduce toxicity risk and raise our quality of life in many ways.

Anyone willing to learn and would exercise common sense can start benefitting from incorporating these natural substances into their daily life. Repetitions and habits can greatly harm or heal us depending on what we choose to put into our regular practice.

i-Detox founder Anita Cheung and Senior Health Practitioner Dr Catherine Cormack, who are from different age group, have different body constitution and share different lifestyles, will share how they incorporate pure and authentic aromatic substances into their own daily routines in this class for beginners to intermediate level users.

We will discuss:

- replacing chemicals in household cleaning
- replacing chemicals in personal care and beauty products
- supporting immunity daily
- how to have a stress management routine (not just when you can’t sleep at night!)
- supporting the thyroid and adrenals for natural energy
- daily practices for slowing down aging
- making detox support a daily routine
- weight management and digestive health support
- sports performance and respiratory health
- aromatic routine for travelling
- nutritionals enhanced by aromatic herbal substances

You can ask your questions too!

You will be guided to appreciate authentic essential oils and what they can do for you and your family, and be shown how to choose by quality and safety.

Date: 19th July (Thursday), 2018

Time: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm 

Cost: HK$150 

Register here now! 

Or if you prefer, contact us by:

Telephone: 3904 1072

Email: office@i-detox.com

Whatsapp: 9838 7902


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