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Meditation with Ajna Light


Many understand the benefits of meditation and relaxation today. People who have a regular meditation practice have stronger immunity and perform better in their lives.

But many are challenged to find time to meditate in the modern lifestyle.

The Ajna Light is an innovative and highly effective device which brings the user into a deeply relaxed, meditative state, without years of meditative practice. The Ajna Light uses powerful flickering LED light to produce light sequences (with sound) to induce various brain waves by activating the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is situated in the limbic region of our brain and is responsible for regulating our circadian rhythm, creating internal vision, and has an important part to play in reproductive hormone balance, and it’s regarded as the “third eye”.

Within five to ten minutes of the brainwave entrainment most people start experiencing relief of stress. Whether they start to drift into sleep or remain actively thinking during the entire light session, the body knows how to respond to the entrainment.


The intensity of the light, music and light programme can be selected each session to suit the individual.


  • 15 – 20 mins – FREE for first time
  • Quick recharge 20 to 30 mins – HK$200

Subsequent sessions

  • 35 to 45 mins – HK$320
  • 50 to 60 mins – HK$480

<Package discounts to be available later>

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