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The “Matrix”, The Biology of Belief, EFT & Emotional Detox

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a technique that can be applied to relieve stress, allergies, migraine, phobia, chronic pain and an array of physical symptoms created in the first place by emotional issues.  In Chinese Medicine it has long been recognized that physical illnesses originate from emotional imbalances.  EFT is like emotional acupuncture, without the use of needles, which can facilitate release of toxins at the cellular level caused by emotional trauma.

Bruce Lipton, MD and cellular biologist and best selling author of  “The Biology of Belief” has been known to explain energy medicine, the “placebo effect” and how our belief relates to healing and health. He also explains here how “positive thinking” doesn’t work and what works: Watch this video

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EFT is one of the energy healing methods he recommends, along with  PSYCH-K .

The video is a succinct summary to his book The Biology of Belief and introduction to energy medicine.

Our founder Anita Cheung integrates the above techniques in her “Emotional Detox” and coaching sessions. Since 2013 she’s been incorporating therapeutic essential oils to further speed up the processes involved. Anita became certified in the AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) developed by clinical psychologist Dr Benjamin Perkus in 2016 and has since incorporated this technique which has made emotional detox even more effective in less time required. (Contact us to find out more or come to an experiential group clearing session with Anita.)

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