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i-Detox Year End Superfood Party (2017)


13th December 2017 (Wed)

6:30pm to 9:00pm

Celebrate the holidays and support a good cause too!

Lots of lucky draw prizes and raw and cooked yummy treats by Chef Tina Barrat.

NEW menu created by renowned Chef Tina Barrat, enhanced with pure and authentic essential oil flavourings.


gluten-free :: dairy-free :: soy-free :: blood-sugar-friendly :: detox-friendly :: balance of raw and cooked :: superfoods-filled 

7-Chakra Menu:

Acai balls with wild blueberries and cashews
*YL Myrrh & Lavender EOs*

Third Eye
Beetroot hummous
With sprouted pumpkin seeds
*YL Juniper & rosemary EOs*

no fish terrine with seaweed and “Blue Majik” (E3 Live)
*YL Basil & Chamomile EOs*

Guacamole with beet crackers *lemon, lime and basil EOs*

Solar Plexus
mini lasagna rolls (dehydrated) cashew Cheeze
*YL Black Pepper & Rosemary EOs*

chocolate cheesecake
Raw chocolate and cacao nibs
*YL Frankincense EO*

carrot cake with ginger frosting (with raw cacao butter)
*YL Thieves and Ginger EOs*


Who is Chef Tina Barrat and why does she love creating raw food and using essential oils to flavour her food?

Chef Tina is a jewellery-designer-turned-professional-raw-food-chef. Her last project was Maya Cafe in Central.

She came from a family of French-Morrocan roots with long tradition of healthy and rich flavoured cooking with the use of herbs. She grew up with the culture of “food is medicine” and cooking and sharing food is a show of love. Since discovering raw food she has become drawn to making them creatively because they are more alive and have higher vibrational energy (although she does make “cooked” food as well which balances raw food especially for people who need more “digestive fire”).

Her food is known to convince carnivores to become herbivores!

Tina is an artist and an avid learner. She is constantly learning and innovating. She likes using the purest quality essential oils (beyond “food grade” which is no guarantee of authentic quality) in enriching the sensual experience her food offers, and knowing that these aromatic substances are very concentrated plant essences with wellness enhancing properties and specific vibrational resonances. The use of pure aromatics in small amount for ingestion is also in line with the practice of French aromatherapy.

Click here to learn more about Chef Tina and her philosophy >>>

Lucky draw prizes!

Grand Prize


2 night / 3 day stay with wellness programme good for 2 pax valued at US$ 854 at premium award winning wellness spa and resort The Farm at San Benito

Virtual tour >>>

Room type >>>

Other prizes:
  • Bio Resonance Health Assessment or Food Testing with Dr Catherine Cormack (Details >>) – Valued at HK$1500
  • Turmeric set (Pukka) (Details >>) – Valued at HK$986
  • Travel Water Filter (Details >>) – Valued at HK$880
  • Portable Bio Resonance Mini Rayonex Vitality Generator – Valued at HK$848
  • 100% Cashmere poncho- Valued at HK $750
  • Blue Majik (E3 Live Blue Green Algae premium brain food) – Valued at HK$732
  • Coconut Latte collection (Jomeis) (Details >>) - Valued at HK$670
  • Winter Wellness Kit (Details >>) – Valued at HK$647
  • Hangover Survival Kit  (Details >>)- Valued at HK$533
  • Free pass to all i-Detox in house events in 2018

Energy Exchange: HK$250/person

(HK$100 from each Party Attendee’s payment of HK$250 will be donated to Charity Crossroads Foundation)
Additional donation will be donated entirely to Crossroads Foundation. More donations more chances to win lucky draw prizes!!

<< RSVP Here >>


Click here for upcoming food prep classes with Chef Tina Barrat teaching you how to make some of the foods featured in the party! 

View all upcoming events at i-Detox

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