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Healthy Fast Food for Busy People

Learn how to incorporate superfoods into your busy life in this 2-part class!


Date: 18th and 25th September, 2013 (Weds)
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

(The complete class is made up of 2 sessions. Start on time and you are recommended to arrive 10 mins earlier to settle in)


Who is it for?

- Anyone wanting to upgrade their nutrition, incorporate more plant-based and nutrient-dense foods in their diet and save time/money.

- Those who have been to our Superfood Happy Hour and want to learn to make many of the items tasted.

- Those who have completed or are on our Superfood Detox program and want to learn more about how to incorporate superfoods and raw foods into a busy lifestyle.

- Those who own a high speed blender (e.g. Blendtec) and would like to learn to use it more

(Helpers welcome!)

What Will You Learn?

Learn from Anita Cheung, founding director of i-Detox and her team how a blender can benefit your health as it has benefited her’s!!

<all recipes are free of gluten, dairy, white sugar and soy, most are raw>

All participants will leave with our in-house superfood usage guide and a full set of 20+ recipes covering breakfast, entrees, mains, snacks and desserts


This 2-part seminar covers:

- Educational introduction to superfood and raw food

- Demo and Tasting of creations made with a blender (mostly):

  • vegan “yogurt”, “milk”* and dairy alternatives (served cold or warm)
  • healthy “latte”
  • green smoothie and superfood smoothie (complete meal)
  • hearty warm soups** (raw and living but warm)
  • quick quinoa meal (cooked or raw options)
  • energy snacks
  • quick salad dressing and nutritious dips
  • kelp noodle with Asian sauce
  • gluten-free tabulleh
  • superfood pudding
  • raw vegan ice-cream

<All participants receive VIP price benefit at the class>

**Sample recipe:

Vegan “Milk”

“Superfood Chocolate Pudding”


What other participants say…

“I never knew that there can be so many varieties of raw food until I came to Anita’s class. Anita generously shared with us busy people at least 20 ways to enjoy eating raw – beverages, smoothies, warm soups, vegan cheese and butter, and even desserts. It was non-stop learning and tasting and time just flew by. Then we were given all the recipes to take away and could buy ingredients right after the class. Anita’s raw food class is one of my best investments.” – Jean Wong

“I’ve gone to many different cooking lessons but I can’t compare my experience with how amazing it is to learn healthy food making like this one. Thank you for this great experience! I look forward to attending more lessons in future!” – Benilda Umbania (domestic helper)


A word from Anita:

“I am never someone who would spend hours in the kitchen preparing food. I understand what it’s like to live life on the fast lane. That’s how I got interested in high performance foods like superfoods in easily digestible form.

While “raw food” is not for everyone, over the years I’ve experimented with using raw food “strategically” to fit myself and people who do not have strong “digestive fire”.

Incorporating superfoods and raw foods into my pre-existing diet has brought very noticeable benefits to me personally and I have seen how it has benefited people I have worked with (especially when they embark on our Superfood Detox program which gives them structure and support).”


Venue: i-Detox


How Much?

One person: $800

Two to Three people registering together: $680 each

Four or more people registering together: $580 each

(Helpers welcome!)

Please note the two sessions make-up the complete class and we do not offer “half class price” for any one part or offer refund to any un-used/unattended session.

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  1. Jeanne Orcino says:

    Hi Anita,

    Do you have any course this Christmas break?

    Jeanne Orcino

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