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Family Constellation & Life Integration Workshops

Restore balance from the root of our life…. 

Uncover hidden family dynamics that may be running your life

Address the root causes of stubborn health and life challenges, end subconscious self sabotage & restore your experience of connection, love, peace and prosperity in life…

What is Family/Systemic Constellation and who is it for?

constellation_sunsetConstellation work can benefit everyone. All of us come from our parents and are part of a system – in the family, in our society and so on.

“Systemic (Family) Therapy” or “Family Constellation” can be considered a new science that serves to understand how underlying family bonds, traditions, events or traumas may be influencing your life.

This approach of personal development and therapy was first developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger in the late 1980s and has continued to evolve and has been used successfully to resolve deep issues not resolved through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy.

Constellation work brings to light a new dimension of understanding our mind, our thinking and our belief patterns, by projecting hidden dynamics to three-dimensional space. (Read on to learn more about how it works)

For example our subconscious need to belong can misplace our loyalty and prevent us from leading a happier and more fulfilling life than our ancestors. We can become “entangled” with someone who has been “excluded” from the family and take on similar behaviours, feelings and fate. There are all limit us from living our own life and experiencing the full potential for love, vitality and prosperity.

Constellation is also being used in executive coaching, in resolving underlying business issues.

Those who have experienced Family/Systemic Constellation often find the process fascinating, and find what shows up to be uncannily accurate, and the insights they gain from the experience could not have been gained from other modalities.

The science behind?

DNAThe science of Epigenetics is now suggesting that what our grandparents or great-grandparents experienced is passed down to us biologically. What is passed down to us is more than the physical attributes but emotional patterns and imprints from their experiences. For example the children and grand children of the holocaust, even though they did not experience the Holocaust, suffer from PTSD.

Renowned Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory that explains the flock behaviours such as that of fish and birds and across animals can explain how family constellation works. This is a short explanation:

German origin Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD, who is renowned for treating the most difficult health cases (patients who “have tried everything”) places Family Constellation as the 4th level of healing in his 5 levels of Healing model, below the ultimate level of “God” and “the divine”. (The 5 levels of Healing approach underlies Eastern medicine such as Tibetan, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine and yogic tradition of healing.) This recording explains how he would for example treat autistic children not just addressing heavy metal and EMF stresses but also by Family Constellation:

Spoiler title

The principles in Family Constellation have nothing to do with morals, but they have emerged in therapies and practitioners simply follow these existential principles and facilitate the participants or clients to see and acknowledge what was hidden. Exclusion of family members in the family (e.g.from abortion, miscarriages, suicides, “black sheep” in the family, divorce, given away for adoption etc) may cause an imbalance and a misplaced identification by someone in the family system whether they have met or not, and sometimes generations later. This is because we are all connected in the morphic field.Just as physical symptoms in our body call our attention to look at the root causes and to restore balance, challenges in our family system can call our attention to look at the root causes until balance is restored.This is why people who go through the Family Constellation with openness can experience profound shifts in many areas in their lives. Often unexplained blockages dissolve, destructive behaviours such as addiction, suicidal thoughts, etc change, more clarity emerges, as one find root causes for their challenges.


What to expect in the Family Constellation workshop’]
Family Constellation is an experiential and somatic process. It usually takes place in a group with at least 10 participants sitting in a circle. The process begins where the client, after presenting their own issue, ask the participants to represent members of his/her family (and they can accept or decline). The client then places intuitively each chosen person including his/her own representative inside the circle. After everyone is placed, the client takes a seat and observes.The representatives of the family members begin to feel like the real members – having the same emotions, feelings and urges of the person who they represent.Especially in more recent (post 2000) development of Family Constellation, there is less drama and the representatives follow the inner urge to move and from their movement, the experienced facilitator guides the client to witness and acknowledge what emerges. Often specific resolution sentences are used the profound shifts take place.Family Constellation can also be a deep experience for those who are in representative roles and even for those who just observe the process.

How do the representatives know what to do or say?

Anyone who has been a Family Constellation representative will tell you that as they step into their place in the Constellation and just trust, they start to sense movement and urge that are not their own, while they are fully conscious. The science behind constellation can be explained with the morphogenic resonance or morphic field by Cambridge educated biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake who discovered how information and experience appeared to be transferable outside of time and space. In Family Constellation, it is also referred to as the “Knowing Field”. In this quantum space, a lot of information exists and whether we are aware or not, a part of us exists in this space and interacts with it all the time. To be able to tap into the morphogenic field or the Knowing Field is our innate ability, it’s similar to the ability to sense someone is staring at us from our back, or the telepathic experience of thinking about calling someone and they call. Pet owners are often amazed how their pets seem to know they are coming home long before they are physically at the door.

Life Integration Process

LIP was developed and created in 2011 by Dr. Wilfried Nelles, an experienced Family Constellation trainer who has worked closely with Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellation. Since his development of the LIP, Dr Nelles no longer facilitates Family Constellations and has been focused on the Life Integration Process.Regardless of how grown up we feel and present ourselves, our child feelings and behavioral patterns deeply impact our daily lives, especially when we are under stress.We have all come with an inner vision into this world, with specific and unique potential that is meant to unfold through us during the course of our lives. Yet it’s easy to become disconnected with this inner vision.The Life Integration Process (LIP) is a powerfully direct yet profound application of Constellation principles that can facilitate lasting integration of our conflicting tendencies and connect us to our inner vision. The result is profound sense of inner strength and peace.

Like Family Constellation, LIP goes beyond the intellectual to the somatic and allows for powerful shift as a result. But unlike Family Constellation, representatives are used to represents one’s different life stages. While Family Constellation looks at our place in the family system, LIP looks at the most important relationships of all – our relationship with ourself.

LIP may especially benefit practitioners or individuals who have experienced Family Constellation work and are ready for deeper level of integration.

Workshop Facilitator

Monika_WyssMonika Wyss is a renowned Family Constellation Trainer and Facilitator, with many years of experience in various modalities including NLP, SVH, Heal your Life® Coaching, Emotion Code, EFT and others.Having worked with in many Asian countries for the past 10 years she got to know the Asian culture and discovered cultural family issues which she did not encountered in Europe. Having done a lot of inner work to clear the trauma of her own family’s past and the Polish nation has also further enabled her to work with clients of varied culture in the most difficult situations.Monika is a compassionate teacher with the aim of empowering her clients and students tools and techniques which support their breakthroughs in evolution and expressing their full potential. Monika’s integrative background and her deep experience with personal development has contributed to her straight-forward but loving approach to Constellation. One of the many teachers that have influenced her a lot is Dr Wilfried Nelles the creator of the Life Integration Process, known for its phenomenological and drama-free approach.Monika runs a year-long Family Constellation certification programme in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where she’s based.

Preparation Workshop

16th Nov 2017 (Thurs) 6:30 – 9:30pm

As part of the full day weekend workshop, Monika, at the preparation workshop, will cover briefly the history and explain the principles of constellation work with fascinating cases. A taster exercise will be facilitated.

(If you cannot join this class in person a recording will be shared with you before you start your weekend workshop)

Full day Constellation Workshops

18th Nov 2017 (Sat) 10am – 5pm

19th Nov 2017 (Sun) 10am – 5pm

(Join either or both days)

Very Limited Constellations available:

There is only 8 spots for participants who only want Family Constellation, and 4 spots for those who want both Family Constellation and Life Integration Process. (You need to join the two-days if you would like to do both.)

One can also join as an observer (and you may be selected as a representative in a constellation which you may accept or decline).


Sheung Wan venue (details to be shared to participants)

MOnika_Private_FCPrivate Sessions

In private sessions the facilitator tunes in as representatives and objects are used to represent people or elements.

Limited Private 1.5 H Family Constellation sessions are available with Monika on 16th, 17th, 21st and 22nd November. Please indicate in the registration form below and we will follow up with scheduling.



Preparation Workshop:

HK$300 (it can go towards payment for the weekend workshop)

Full Day Workshops:

With your own constellation

- Join either day of one day workshop: HK$1600

- Join two days workshop: HK$2800 <save HK$400>

As observer

- HK$800 per day

Note: If you would like to have both Family Constellation (FC) and Life Integration Process (LIP) facilitated for you, the LIP will take place on Day TWO. Please join both days.

(Your payment to being a constellation participant or an observer on the 18th and/or 19th Nov includes your Preparation workshop on the 16th Nov)

Private Sessions:

HK1600 (1.5h)



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