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Emotional Detox & Balancing

Emotional DetoxIt is no secret that prolonged stress compromises our immunity. Highly stressful events (such as loss of a loved one, relationship breakdown, being laid off etc) have often been observed to precede a cancer diagnosis by one to a couple of years.  Many traditional healing systems (such as Chinese Medicine) recognises the predictable correlation between emotional imbalance and physical imbalance. Specific types of emotional stress often show up in specific organ system.

Modern science and traditional wisdom have now converged to tell us how we FEEL most of the time creates our experiences and reality. What we fear and resist the most we tend to attract in our lives. Those who have a “growth mindset” and are willing to develop their emotional resilience are often found to have a successful and fulfilling life – they are not just “lucky”.

You have infinite potential. There is no limit to how good you can feel and how much better you can perform in all areas of your life.

And you do not have to have a “big T” (trauma) to benefit from emotional detox and balancing.  When we do not handle the “small Ts” in our daily life effectively, stress builds up, and chronic stress contributes to early aging and all kinds of diseases.

Creating “A New Normal”

Most of us live in a perpetual fight-or-flight mode (made worse by common stimulants like caffeine and alcohol and harmful frequencies from digital devices and electrical appliances), a mode of lack and doubt, or a mode of resignation, and it all seems “normal”.

Digestion, repair and healing is naturally suppressed when the stress mode is on. And we become disconnected from our innate joy and peace.

“A new normal” is possible for those who desire more out of life, when we “reset” our nervous system functioning and belief system by emotional detox and balancing.

Not “Counselling” or “Positive Thinking”

But we are not here to make you talk about your problems again and again and relive your trauma, or to tell you to “think positive” and see the silver lining.  Here’s why: we are driven not by our conscious but by our subconscious mind. Even though we are not aware of the thoughts residing in our subconscious, they override the conscious mind and direct our reality through our beliefs, perceptions, physiology and habits.

Did you know that most of your core beliefs are entrenched before the age of six? Those early interpretations of events continue to guide your beliefs and thus, however unconsciously, direct your life often in ways that can lead to what you don’t want, rather than what you do. The good news is you can do something about it.

Over the past 20 years, research in neuroscience has changed the landscape of psychology and has enabled new and more effective methods in facilitating emotional healing and behavourial change. The brain’s ability to rewire itself by creating new neural pathways (even into old age) and to adapt to new experiences and information is well established. It’s never too late to change our perception of the past and rewrite our future.

By aligning your conscious and subconscious mind, by helping you to acknowledge suppressed feelings, dissolve your cellular memory of unsupportive emotions and limiting beliefs you are well on your way to achieving high performance and creating a balanced and fulfilling life.

And this is where Emotional Detox comes in. Techniques involving visualisation, use of authentic essential oils (that reset the limbic system response faster than any substances on the planet), NLP, meridian tapping, and active (non religious) prayer are often incorporated to facilitate effective emotional balancing which can contribute to quantum leap of consciousness.

Glowing critiques from satisfied clients are testaments to the fact that our Emotional Detox can bring immediate and life changing benefits, including:

  • Gaining clarity
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Developing inner trust
  • Resolving internal conflict
  • Identifying your “blind spots”
  • Establishing healthier lifestyle habits
  • Anchoring positive behavioural changes
  • Embracing transitional periods with joy and serenity
  • Processing unresolved emotions to feel light and free
  • Reducing unconscious resistance to positive beliefs that support you


“After our first session, the headhunter called and presented me the exact kind of job I wished to find and thought was difficult to find. After our second session, I got the job! Not only that, the package is even better than what I had hoped for! Anita, in case you are not convinced enough, whatever you did with me, works!”   – Janet

“I had many doubts about my ability to birth naturally before my session with you.  I felt the session was the start of an upward healing journey for me, and it planted a positive seed, an I CAN DO IT seed deep within myself. It has helped me to keep my calm when I was overdue, and eventually have a smooth and quick birth!  I felt my mind stepped out the way and let my body get on with it – it’s amazing! - Fiona Merrill

“I felt so much clarity at the end of our session. I now feel lighter, freer and my back is now free of pain.”   – P. H.

“My inner cynical voice has stopped and I have felt very motivated and confident since our session.  I can’t help telling the whole world about my experience!”   – Bessie

“The hour we spent was like very targeted meditation.  I had a lot more clarity after our session… Personally and professionally, I feel I am able to create what I want with courage and trust.”   – M. Y.

“My mind chatter stopped, possibly for the very first time in my life, during the session with you. And I was able to recreate that for myself yesterday, which I am really happy about. Interestingly, as I am able to maintain that space, a small wish I had, became a reality and within the same day. I got a message I needed to hear in the most mysterious way. While these may seem like “coincidences”, I know in my heart now how powerful I am in creating my own life, and I am increasingly feeling I am able to trust the ‘higher intelligence’ a lot more than before.” – Steve

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Anita’s Integrated Approach to Healing and Personal Coaching

Your facilitator Anita Cheung has long been considered a trailblazer in Hong Kong’s health and wellness industry, becoming in 2005, the city’s first Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP). She draws on a rich pool of wisdom and knowledge that allows her to provide a broad range of holistic health and wellness modalities including functional nutrition and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Her passion for helping people reach their full potential and the realisation that mind, body and spirit are integrally connected, sparked a quest for continuous training in coaching and healing.

Anita has gained qualifications in: nutrition, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); PSYCH-K® Subconscious Belief Reprogramming; “Radical Awakening”; Bodytalk and Mindscape, AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique developed by clinical psychologist Dr Benjamin Perkus), Serenity Vibrational Healing and Bio Resonance according to Paul Schmidt etc.

Anita has been featured as one of Hong Kong’s 67 most inspiring people to youths in the Those Who Inspire project.

Click here to read Anita’s bio.

What To Expect

Expect to actively participate in your healing and to be guided to “allow” the process.  Anita’s role is that of facilitator.  She does not “fix” you.  Your innate healing ability does that. We recommend a first session of 60 or 90 minutes.

Note: You will not be brainwashed, will not lose control of your consciousness and your confidentiality is strictly respected.

Note: You will be required to fill out a questionnaire regarding your diet and physical health. Diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on your emotional and mental state. Where relevant we may recommend some dietary changes.

Since 2013, Authentic essential oils have been added to her healing sessions which has greatly increased the effectiveness of her sessions and her advice has served to extend the beneficial effects encountered during the sessions.

Since 2017 Bio Resonance has been included in all in person private consultations and coaching. Clients can now receive nervous system balancing during Anita’s coaching and healing session and can see measurable difference. Distance healing is included when Anita works with clients remotely.

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