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“Emotional Detox”/ Goal Setting/ Stress Management

Why do you need a “mental tune-up” and “emotional detox”?  For one, you can handle daily stress better.  And chronic stress can be attributed to all kinds of physical diseases.

Besides, there’s really no limit as to how much better you can perform in all areas of your life!

Latest neuro-science has found or confirmed these:

  • 95% of our consciousness is in the subconcious level, and the subconscious mind directs our physiology, perceptions and habits. Only 5% or less is in the conscious level (so it’s really like the tip of the iceburg)
  • we store emotional memory at every cell (not in our brain)
  • our perceptions and beliefs have a direct impact on our health (just as Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other ancient body of knowledge have always acknowledged this)
  • we remember negative experience much better than positive ones (as a survival need)
  • most of our core beliefs are formed from interpretation of our experience and they are formed before the age of 6 (and we continue to reconfirm what we already believe in)

As we remember negative experiences more we all have limiting beliefs running in our subconscious mind.  Most of us struggle trying to be “positive”, “happy” and “healthy” by engaging the top 5% level of our consciousness, which is our conscious mind.  And we seem to have no control over our “automatic” insecurities, self criticism, fear of change, self doubt, anxiety etc, and we often have behaviours that we cannot seem to change.

Unless we can proactively align our conscious and subconscious minds and clear cellular memory of negative emotional charge, we will have a hard time living a truly fulfilling life and reaching our full potential.

The good news is, latest neuroscience has also shown that our brain is highly malleable and it makes new connections throughout our entire life. While it gets “lazy” if we don’t challenge its existing wiring, we can train our brain to be happy and at peace (and have more harmony among various parts of our brain) if we practice doing it just like training any muscle.

And you do NOT have to meditate like a monk to find inner peace. And you also do not need to go through long drawn processes reliving old trauma to clear your emotional and mental space and start creating a life that fulfills you.

Benefits of Coaching, Emotional Detox and Mental Reprogramming (情緒排毒和生活教練):

  • Process unresolved emotions and feel light and free
  • Reduce subconscious resistance to supportive beliefs and resolve internal conflict
  • Establishing healthier lifestyle habits and other positive behavioral changes
  • Be guided to identify your “blind spot”
  • Gain clarity and develop inner trust
  • Improve self esteem
  • Be inspired to embrace transitions


“After our first session, the headhunter called and presented me the exact kind of job I wished to find and thought was difficult to find. After our second session, I got the job! Not only that, the package is even better than what I had hoped for! Anita, in case you are not convinced enough, whatever you did with me, works!”   – Janet

“I had many doubts about my ability to birth naturally before my session with you.  I felt the session was the start of an upward healing journey for me, and it planted a positive seed, an I CAN DO IT seed deep within myself. It has helped me to keep my calm when I was overdue, and eventually have a smooth and quick birth!  I felt my mind stepped out the way and let my body get on with it – it’s amazing! - Fiona Merrill

“I felt so much clarity at the end of our session. I now feel lighter, freer, and am finally able to be my true self. My back has never felt so pain-free.”   – P. H.

“My inner cynical voice has stopped and I have felt very motivated and confident since our session.  I can’t help telling the whole world about my experience!”   – Bessie

“The hour we spent was like very targeted meditation.  I had a lot more clarity after our session… Personally and professionally, I feel I am able to create what I want with courage and trust.”   – M. Y.

“I feel lighter about doing exercise including running and swimming that I have been wanting to do more of. Exercising is not like a chore anymore.”   – S. G.

“I feel good about myself, lighter and less troubled after our session.  I definitely have clarity now and things are starting to move forward for me.  Even my pending job offer got reactivated and I am starting work next month!”   – D. B.

“I have never told anyone what I told you. I feel so much better and at peace now.  Doing the nutritional detox with my emotional detox has really helped me to turn the corner in my life…”   – L

“My mind chatter stopped, possibly for the very first time in my life, during the session with you. And I was able to recreate that for myself yesterday, which I am really happy about. Interestingly, as I am able to maintain that space, a small wish I had, became a reality and within the same day. I got a message I needed to hear in the most mysterious way. While these may seem like “coincidences”, I know in my heart now how powerful I am in creating my own life, and I am increasingly feeling I am able to trust the “higher intelligence” a lot more than before.” – Steve

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Anita’s Unique Integrated Personal Coaching

Anita Cheung has been a full-time wellness coach since 2005.
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Anita draws from a rich pool of wisdom and knowledge she has gained over the years, including but not limited to, holistic and functional nutrition, TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) hand diagnostics, kinesiology, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), , Matrix Reimprinting, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, PSYCH-K® subconsious belief reprogramming process and “Radical Awakening” guided meditation process.

Since 2013, Anita’s coaching session has incorporated therapeutic essential oils which has further facilitated the effectiveness of her sessions and has given her clients optional self care tools to extend the effect of their session with Anita. (So less face time with Anita is required.) In 2016, Anita became certified in the Aroma Freedom Technique developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus.

What NOT to Expect

You will not lose control of your consciousness.  You will not be brainwashed against your will.

What To Expect

Expect to actively participate in your healing and be guided to “allow” the process.  Anita’s role is a facilitator.  She does not “fix” you.  Your innate healing ability does the healing.

Your confidentiality is respected.

Bio Resonance assessment is included in all private consultation since 2017. Click here for more information.

Click here to learn more about the scientific background of how it works or to prepare for your first session.

Note: You would still be required to fill out a questionnaire on your diet and physical health. Your emotional and mental state can be very much related to your diet and lifestyle. And you may also receive recommendations on your diet if that is determined to be relevant to you.

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(We recommend your first session to be 60 minutes or 90 minutes.)

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