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Senior Health Practitioner – Dr Catherine Cormack

Dr_Cat_headshot_roundBorn and raised in the United Kingdom, Dr. Cormack (or “Dr. Catherine” as we like to call her) attended the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor Degree and a Distinction in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. She has 9 years combined experience working as Veterinary Surgeon and Advisor in the UK and Hong Kong.

In 2015 while working in Hong Kong, Dr. Catherine found that due to chronic physical and mental stress in her job, she has developed adrenal fatigue.

Being a client of i-Detox, when conventional medicine failed, she took a holistic approach to her recovery, following an in-depth health and wellness regimen that encompassed functional foods, authentic essential oils, exercise and meditation.

In fact after she left the veterinary profession in 2016, she turned to studying Nutritional Therapy in the United Kingdom, where she gained her Nutritional Therapist Diploma Certificate from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

From there Dr. Catherine studied with the US based National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  She gained further certification as a Rehab Trainer through the Australian Physiotherapy Association and worked in both of those fields.

Before joining the team at i-Detox in 2017, as a client, Dr. Catherine received Bio Resonance (Rayonex) health assessment and food tolerance test with our founder Anita Cheung and was extremely impressed with its assessment accuracy, insight she got from the assessment and tangible results from the balancing resulting from the assessment.

Dr Catherine has since been trained in the use of Bio Resonance and is using it in her consultation focused on nutrition and functional health. Dr Catherine also offers Bio Resonance services for animals.

Dr. Catherine has also benefited from the i-Detox Superfood Detox programme and is currently the point of contact detox clients, supporting them to customise their detox programme through Bio Resonance assessment and working alongside our founder Anita to provide holistic support.

Dr Catherine is passionately committed to helping others reclaim their holistic wellness and is equally passionate for her own personal and professional development. For that she shares i-Detox’s deepest values and is thrilled to have joined the i-Detox team.

When she is not working or studying Dr. Catherine likes to pursue her other passions, including hiking, horse riding and scuba diving.

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