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Chef Tina Barrat

Who is Chef Tina Barrat?

Tina Barrat is a multi-talented creator, first known for designing unique fashion jewellery. She later retrained to become a raw food chef. Inspired by her South of France-Morrocan roots and family background in healthy and tasty food for 4 generations, it was a natural transition for her. She was last with Maya Cafe, a health cafe in Central.Chef-tina-barrat

Why does Chef Tina love creating raw food (and often enhancing her food with essential oils)?

“I’m into Raw Food because Raw Food has more life force and is higher in vibrational frequency compared to cooked food. 

I am from South of France and I grew up with my grand parents. My grandma used to make medicine out of herbs when I was sick so for me and it was normal and natural to use herbs in the kitchen (and food is medicine in our kitchen). One day I was travelling out of France and was not feeling well I went to a pharmacy and intuitively I put my hands on essential oils – lemon and thyme – I couldn’t find anything I knew, those were the only thing I could relate to.

Then after that I started experimenting with essential oils in food. To me it was quite natural, especially given being used to seeing pure essential oils in pharmacies back home.

When I tried using Young Living dietary essential oils I found that they are a lot more potent and authentic than what I was using before. They give an amazing dimension of flavour to my food and only a tiny amount is required. I found them very pure and powerful. I believe it’s very important to use only essential oils from reliable source especially if you are going to ingest them. In fact as a chef I do not feel comfortable using most “food grade” essential oils as they do not taste pure to me. 

Then from my research I also got to know more about vibrational frequencies of food and herbs, that canned food resonates at “0” MHz, cooked food at 15 MHz , RawFood at 20MHz and fresh herbs at 27MHz, and frequency of Young Living essential oils are a lot higher starting at 52MHz and the highest measured so far at 520 MHz. It’s not surprising knowing that essential oils are very concentrated plant essences. The essential oils I’m using regularly in my food are between 85 to 125MHz…I love innovating and I am sure I will continue to experiment and make many new sensual and healthy creations. I love it when carnivores would tell me they can become vegan if they can eat my food everyday!”

Chef Tina offers food prep classes and private dinner at i-Detox for our members. Please inquire for details.

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