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Chef Lakshmi’s Cooking Class (Full Meal)

25th September 2015 (Friday) 7pm – 9pm



Who needs this class?

If you need more variety to your healthy diet or if you find raw food difficult to digest you probably need to consider eating cooked foods! Enzymes do not just come from raw food. They are produced by our body first and foremost.  And spices support the production and efficacy of enzymes in our body for proper digestive health (for proper digestion, assimilation and elimination). It’s rare to see anyone in today’s lifestyle who has great digestive health really as stress depletes it.

In this class you can learn how to make these quick and easy recipes which makes a FULL MEAL that suit the modern lifestyle, and assess your ayurvedic body type as well!

1. Kombu, Shitake, Miso Maca Broth with Einkorn and Buckwheat, topped with toasted Hemp Seeds/Sesame Seeds, and Chinese Seasonal Veg

A beautiful prebiotic, with all of nature’s warming healing qualities. The action of kombu and maca warm the body and detox the tissues from deep within.

2. Coconut Quinoa Flaked Chapatis with South Indian Coconut Green Beans and Turmeric

These beans balance all 6 tastes in Ayurveda; sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. The health benefits of coconut being cooling and mustard seeds being heating, this dish is considered tri-dosic as the actions of the spices act as antidotes.

Gluten free flat bread with a high protein grain like quinoa enables energy to be spread out during the day. These flat breads are great with hummus an any healing dip.

3. Spiced Chickpea 

Goji is known as a great balancing ingredient for women’s health and well-being. Coupled with brown rice and chickpeas, this is a great autumn dish which promotes detoxification and speeds up metabolism; providing numerous health benefits. The spices antidote the heavy qualities of chickpeas.

4. GF Scrumptious Brownies with Cacao 

Cacao and Peruvian Yacon together offer a rich and diverse synergistic blend. These brownies incorporate many super foods; you can even sneak in spirulina and additional coconut oil.

Bonus recipe and tasting: Maca Banana Pancakes

Bonus benefit: all participant will receive an Ayurvedic health questionnaire to assess their body type.

<Note: the Maca used in this class is this authentic quality Peruvian maca powder made with special processes which has much richer peanut nut butter like flavour and nutritional potential made from mainly dark maca roots than those made of light roots without low temperature gelatinisation which increases absorbability.>

About Chef Lakshmi:

chef_lakshmi_harilelaLakshmi Harilela comes from a family which runs restaurants. And she’s always been passionate about food and cooking since young age.

She has been trained in hotel management in Switzerland, and a graduate of the renowned Natural Gourmet Institute in New York as well as an Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapist from The European Institute of Vedic Studies.

Chef Lakshmi is known for her animated presentation style and the rich flavour of her cooking. (Her prepared food is available at the i-Detox store.)

In her own words,
“Many people think that Ayurvedic food is only Indian spiced and rich food. This is quite contrary to what Ayurvedic food is. In fact, Ayurvedic principles can be translated to everybody’s unique temperament and body type.”


HK$380 per person or HK$320 per person when two or more people register together

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