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A Brief History of Bioresonance

Matter is Energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. – Albert Einstein The roots of Bio-Resonance go back as early as 1879 when a Russian scientist, N.E. Vedensky studied the impact of certain … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Confusion

by Dr Catherine Cormack, Senior Health Practitioner, i-Detox Cholesterol gets a bad rep in many people’s eyes. Part of the problem comes from confusion regarding cholesterol’s role in the body in the general public, and even among the medical community … Continue reading

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Raw Food Demo and Tasting with Chef Tina Barrat

Raw Food Demo and Tasting with Chef Tina Barrat Who is Chef Tina Barrat? Tina Barrat is a multi-talented raw food chef, originally of South of France-Morrocan roots and with family background in healthy and tasty food for 4 generations. She was last with … Continue reading

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Places to Eat. Drink. and Be Healthy

Here is a list of places we like to go to eat as they serve healthy foods and beverages.  Not all-inclusive of course but places we know and like. We really hope that there will be more places that serve … Continue reading

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