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career_change_goldfishOur world and economy has seen changes never before seen in history. Many who are in a traditional “job” are now challenged as the demand of the world changes in record speed.

Technological advances are replacing many traditional jobs, and many are experiencing uncertainties. More and more who are in a “good job” are poor in time, their most valuable asset, and the situation is not looking to improve.

Have you been feeling like you are selling your soul out and that something inside you is dying? Has your health and wellbeing been suffering as a result? Have you been suppressing your true calling for making a living helping people and doing what matters to you most because you just cannot see HOW?

Technology is also supposed to give us more freedom. But how to take the leap?

The health and wellness industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years globally. As more people are waking up to the importance of proactive health maintenance and demanding more balance and quality of life, the wellness industry presents very wide spectrum of career opportunities. Many health and wellness industry jobs and earning opportunities are still yet to be created.

Have you wondered how you can transfer your current skills to transition into a new career that fulfills your purpose?

Should you start a wellness business? Should you find a partner and start a company? Should you write a book? Open a health cafe? Should you study and get qualified first? And in what?

Do you know what you are good at? What you are passionate about? What the world needs? What problems can you solve so that you can get paid for solving them?

Being a veteran in the wellness industry in Hong Kong and Asia, our founder Anita Cheung has often been asked to shed light on her journey on creating her wellness industry career. She left the fashion industry exhausted and unwell after 13 years, and without a definite plan of how she was to re-establish herself in a new and more relevant way of living for herself.  After retraining and self development, and overcoming numerous crisis, she has since firmly established herself in a new meaningful career, 13 years after she left fashion.

This coaching service has been created for you if you would like non-judgemental support and shorten your learning curve in your career move – whether it’s for the wellness industry or another industry that calls to you.

In Anita’s words,

“Our world has been making it harder and harder for us to hide behind our fears and false sense of security. Our challenges are calling us to come alive and live our true purpose. The longer we wait to live our truth, the harder it is likely to become. There’s no better time than NOW to live your authentic truth.”

Read Anita’s bio here >>>

Session starts from 60 minutes. Contact our office for details and booking.













(Infographic Source: www.prweb.com)

Yet just like startups in other industries, many wellness start-ups come and go. (Three-year life span is the average observed…) Some who are considering a career shift do not necessarily enjoy being an entrepreneur but would like to become a healer and be in a position to contribute to peoples’ wellbeing.

Can you use some guidance and inspiration in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and in finding the best career path for you?

As a wellness industry pioneer and personal development coach, our founder Anita Cheung has this to say:

“I often get asked for ‘a chat’ by those who are looking to make a career shift into the wellness industry. While there is a lot I can share, it’s really not the most efficient use of my time to do individual ‘career coaching’ over a cup of “coffee”. So I’ve decided to offer this session.

Then I thought of Sonalie and Tracy over at Green Queen and Ekowarehouse, as I know they get asked the same a lot too!

The world needs more of us who have awakened to our purpose and living our passion! We look forward to seeing you!”

Join our founder Anita Cheung, and founders of Green Queen & Ekowarehouse Sonalie Figueiras and Tracy Turo (scroll down to read more on speakers’ bios), and:

- explore career options in the wellness industry
- learn what works and do not work based on experience and observation
- gain insights in your self understanding and limiting beliefs
- set intention to create a life of wellness, passion, purpose and abundance for yourself and all participants!

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