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Bio Resonance with Rayonex

BR_bookBio Resonance according to Paul Schmidt is a safe and non-invasive oscillation/frequency medicine technology first developed in Germany in the 1970s by visionary inventor and mechanical engineer Paul Schmidt, which has since been refined to high levels of sophistication, used and recommended by 5700+ physicians and health practitioners in Germany alone and are offered in 42 countries in the world currently.

Bio Resonance is based on the Einsteinian principle that all matter consists of atoms (with the electrons orbiting the protons and neutrons) and that “matter” is not really solid but essentially frequency energy.

To take a simple example of bio resonance at work found in nature – when we are under the sun, the ultra violet spectrum rays initiate regulations in the body which cause the skin to darken and Vitamin D to be produced. Long term exposure to unnatural frequencies such as those emitted from modern digital devices are now found to be linked with all kinds of undesirable health conditions such as lowered sperm count, leukemia and even cancer.

Vibrations that are dissonant with us cause us to be out of balance, whereas vibrations that are resonant with us bring us back to balance.

All our cells communicate electro-magnetically, especially our nerve cells. Many scientists and health practitioners have warned the potential danger of long term exposure to the micro radiation emitted by mobile phones and digital devices, especially to children in their developmental stage.

Paul Schmidt and his team has contributed to identifying specific vibrational frequencies of natural substances, of body’s organs, chakras etc, and with years of accumulating experiences of practitioners, the frequencies that “tune” the body back to balance have been identified and integrated frequency balancing programmes have been increasing.

The Bio Resonance according to Paul Schmidt system consists of health assessment, harmonisation and related products that the consumer can use for proactive self care without being dependent on the therapist.

Dis-ease originates from subtle level imbalances which progress to gross physical level:


Paul Schmidt discovered that disturbances in our body follow a predictable course as they accumulate in density until the effect becomes physically apparent. This confirms what ancients have long known – the root cause of physical symptoms originate from imbalance in the subtle levels.

Consider that a typical person is exposed to radiation of wifi 24 hours a day, spending 1/3 of their life sleeping on a spring coil mattress which concentrates harmful electric- magnetic frequencies (often with electricity output next to the bed), under daily mental stresses having to process much bigger amount of information than our ancestors had to and eating foods often processed with little nutrient value and life force, using stimulants such as caffeine which add to the stress further… 

More researches have emerged that are raising our awareness about how electro-magnetic and geopathic stresses can affect us negatively, as well as how our emotional and mental states affect us. By detecting imbalances on the subtle levels, and how they are affecting our various physiological and energetic systems, one can take proactive actions to prevent their further development.


Bio_Res_RoomBio Resonance services:

With a fully equipped latest practitioner level Rayonex device we offer services involving initial consultation with our founder Anita Cheung and certified practitioner of Bio Resonance according to Paul Schmidt and our staff team (recommended 90-mins), follow up harmonisation (30-60 mins) as well as quick general wellness energy recharge (25 minutes) without consultation.

We also offer a range of Bio Field Forming products which optimise metabolic efficiency and/or help to neutralise the effects of various harmful frequencies present in our lives such as from the use of digital devices.

Take the Guesswork out of Designing your Health Regime:

Now you can find out scientifically and quickly whether the health products you are using are actually addressing your concerns and you can monitor your progress easily. You can also get a preliminary overview before you decide on doing further testing involving physical level.

Current Services (April 2017)

1. Initial Bio Resonance Consultation <2-hour or 1.5-hour>

  • RayoscanRayoscan – ECG scanning and heart reaction of the body to the evaluation of the organs and body functions with electrodes attached to the body (like a more thorough “pulse reading”), and customised harmonisation programme from the assessment
  • Receive insights on nutritional deficiencies, meridien balance and/or chakra balance and suggestion on actions for balancing
  • Design your health regime: based on report and consultation with the therapist, the client can have health products they are using checked for compatibility and their resonance with specific body systems to assess their potential for having desired effect. Appropriate products from i-Detox may be suggested by assessing their potential effectiveness against wide range of areas of concern (e.g. hormone balancing, metabolism, detoxification, circulation, meridian balance…).

This initial consultation is designed to include both assessment and harmonisation treatment, as well as education. It can demonstrate the width of what Bio Resonance with Rayonex can do, as well as what the client can continue to do at home. More in depth investigation can be carried out if required in subsequent (shorter) sessions.

  • 2-Hour session is recommended if emotional and mental stress balancing is required and solutions suggested. Alternatively, food intolerances consultation can be included with a 2-Hour initial consultation.

2. Harmonisation and Follow Up Consultation <60 mins or 90 mins>

Follow up session after Initial Consultation to adjust personal harmonisation programme
Further nutritional deficiency checking and more product fine-tuning/ Emotional and chakra balancing with essential oils <If both are required: 90 mins>

3. Customised Harmonisation <30 mins or 60 mins>

Follow up session after Initial Bio Resonance session where client receives harmonisation without consultation, using frequency data and programme created by the therapist during previous visit.
<Weekly or bi-weekly visits recommended, or home use model available for self administering harmonisation with programme created by therapist. Inquire with us for details.>

4. Emotional Balancing or Unblocking assisted by Bio Resonance and healing with founder <60 mins>

  • Basic harmonisation to prepare the body for emotional healing
  • Assess chakra balance, discuss or discover with facilitation where release is required, release or rebalance with guided healing and see measurable result (now you can know what your energy healing is doing as you can see the “before/after”)
  • Be equipped with how to continue to sustain and enhance effect on your own

5. Quick Energy Reboot <25 mins>

Get much deeper relaxation and health benefits than a short nap with this quick recharge and reboot. Can be easily done at lunch break…

6. Product Analysis only <30 mins or longer>

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right products for yourself.
Basic harmonisation of 10 mins and check health product compatibility.

Note: other services with Bio Resonance by Paul Schmidt including allergy assessment and harmonising is to be announced in May

Multiple Solutions to the Empowered Wellness Seeker…

While we welcome you to come back for consistent wellness treatments. We want to help you to be independent too. Based on your preference, after initial consultation and assessment, you can follow a Bio Resonance harmonisation plan (package prices available) and receive regular harmonisation sessions (e.g. twice a week) at ours, OR you can also choose to rent/purchase a home model to continue to receive harmonising at home, coming back only regularly to update your programme. This has proved to be more affordable and convenient for many.

Health products including nutritional and herbal products, therapeutic essential oils, Biofield Forming frequency products and lifestyle adjustments will be discussed in the consultation offering the client all-rounded insight to take your next steps to holistic wellbeing. Regular reassessment (e.g. once a month) and education will help to keep you on track.

What Others Say:

<About Initial Consultation, harmonising and health product checking>

“I went into the session after a full day at work non stop…I left totally refreshed, relaxed, with total clarity and lots of insights about how I can use my health products to build a daily practice.” – Shiila Takaoka

“I now have a whole new regime compared to before the session and I am using with confidence the essential oils and supplements that my body is asking for. Anita that session was a game changer!” – Carla Pohli

“It’s so good to test all my supplements and essential oils. I can now use them with more focus and intention!” – Iris Otober

“I loved the Bio Resonance experience! Great tool to confirm what you suspect and give you an action plan. I am going back for more!” – Alison Middleton

<About Customised Harmonisation>

“I can’t believe my backache that has been going on for weeks was gone in just 30 minutes! I am still feeling the BUZZ now!” – Norie Negishi

<About Chakra balancing and Emotional Release>

“I am so amazed by how quickly my chakra were balanced with my essential oils and Anita’s healing. It was a very valuable session.” – Jill Marshall

“My weighted down feeling in my naval area was lifted instantly. With Anita’s guidance I have found the essential oil blends that will continue to support my chakra balance and continous healing.” – Carla Pohli

NOTE: We offer flexible combination of services offered by our Bio Resonance device. Please contact us for further details including promotional incentives. 


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