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Bio Communication Wellness Assessment (Zyto Scan)

Do you need some guidance on where to begin to improve your wellbeing physically, emotionally and mentally?

This quick assessment is included in all our 1.5-hour or above private consultations or the private detox consultation with Anita Cheung our principal practitioner.

Or it can be booked as a stand-alone service and 45-min consultation.

The Wellness Assessment and Consultation involves cutting-edge technology that provides you with a personalised approach to measuring your health and offers a practical solution to help improve your lifestyle.


Bio Communication Analysis

Let your body tell you what it needs with a BioCommunication Analysis. It uses advanced communication technology to interact directly with your body. Your body will provide readings that are analysed, ranked and recorded in an easy to understand report.

By placing your hand on a cradle sensor, it measures fluctuations in the energy patterns of the skin. During a  scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body via a feedback mechanism called Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) . The body naturally responds to these impulses in a positive or negative way and the software measures and records the responses.

Your personalised report helps you make meaningful psychological, emotional and physiological choices for what your body needs in order to be restored back to an optimum and healthy state. Take a look at a sample report.

While the scanning process takes only a few minutes, the interpretation can take about half an hour to longer.

You will walk away with suggested awareness practice, basic nutritional principles and products including therapeutic essential oils and nutritional supplements.

You are also advised to come to our public events to get educated at a low cost after or before this assessment. Or you can also choose to book private consultation or healing session after this initial 45-minute assessment.

How much?

HKD 1,000  (Zyto Scan + 45 mins consultation with Anita)


HKD 280  (Zyto Scan without consultation with Anita – for returning zyto scan customers)




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