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About Us

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i-Detox is a wellness education centre, progressive health food shop and urban detox consultancy, founded by Hong Kong detox and wellness pioneer Anita SK Cheung in 2008.


We are Hong Kong’s first and leading provider of comprehensive URBAN DETOX programs.

Anita and Integrative-Living have been providing wellness and nutritional consultancy since 2005.

The philosophy of i-Detox has been distilled from latest development in holistic nutrition, functional medicine, naturopathy, as well as age-proven wisdoms gleaned from traditional cultures.

Our mission is to make healthy livingenjoyable and sustainable.

Our customers range from professionals, homemakers to students.

All our full-time staff are fluent in English and Chinese.


i-detox_ppt-02Our signature no-starvation, effective and delicious Superfood Detox/Dietary Upgrade program is known to kickstart optimal functioning of body and mind in 9 to 15 days while one is leading a normal urban life, being guided and supported by our well qualified team of consultants.

Our comprehensive and professional holistic urban detox and lifestyle wellness programs are available in one-on-one or group format, and can be adapted or customised for individual needs.  We are able to provide affordable products and services because of our experience, scale and commitment to your benefit since the beginning of our establishment.

To complete the nutritional and physical detoxification, we also facilitate emotional and mental “detox” via our holistic coaching service, which in turn facilitate lasting behavioral changes and personal evolution.



Our specialty shop (and webstore) carries the largest selection of handpicked cutting edge Superfood products that are nutritionally dense, economically efficient and versatile in application.

We also carry a range of therapeutic quality essential oils, non-toxic household cleaning and organic skin care products.

All our food products are free of harmful chemicals, meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugar.  Most of them are “raw” (not heat processed) and organic. 



We host regular workshops and share information freely on our newsletters to educate the public on complementary self care modalities that are effective and practical for busy people.  These include “food fun” classes, aromatherapy, needle-less acupuncture, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and so on.  

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Treatment room


We recognize the clear link between physical and emotional health.  We provide self care tools and resources in terms of products (essential oils etc), education and holistic coaching. Since our move to our new location, we have also started offering therapeutic treatment with Young Living therapeutic quality essential oils.



We also work closely with our extensive network of health practitioners to provide comprehensive support to our clients. We recommend objectively with the client’s best interest as priority. Our VIP members often enjoy exclusive offers from our health services providing partners.


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