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15 Mins a Day to Mind Body Health

Date: 8th July 2016 (Fri) 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Expressing Happiness

Venue: i-Detox


Optimise physical, emotional and mental wellness with as little as 15 mins daily!

Experience meridian tapping, essential oils, visualisation and healing sounds and leave feeling energised, grounded and happy.

What is EFT?

EFT stands for ‘emotional freedom technique’ and it is a very simple to learn quick method that involves light tapping on major meridian points with intent that improves physical health and facilitate emotional wellbeing.

Why EFT?

All our thoughts and emotions are energetic and carry measurable frequencies. ‘Emotions’ are ‘energy in motion’. Failing to process emotions create energetic blockages which lead to physical discomfort and dis-ease. Unresolved emotions cause chronic stress and drain our physical energy.

When EFT is performed with guidance it can be very effective and fast acting in all levels of healing and it’s something anyone can use on their own.

<Click here to learn from Dr Bruce Lipton (cell biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief) on why do EFT…>

Why use essential oils with EFT?

Aromatic substances have been used since ancient times to heighten spiritual awareness and promote emotional and mental state conducive for healing. Molecules of essential oils reach the limbic brain and cross the blood-brain barrier. At the very least proper use can support us to have positive mood and physical energy.

We have seen powerful and painless clearing of emotional memory assisted by EFT with the use of high quality pure essential oils.

Why use EFT, essential oils, visualisation, sound and kinetic movement together? 

By engaging more of our senses, we can have faster results with a more enjoyable experience. You will be introduced to various possible ways to engage the senses and you can decide the best way for YOU to achieve desired effect in your daily life, to reset your emotional state, manage day-to-day stress and optimise energy levels.


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Suggested $100 donation to support local charity


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